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CyberGuard’s Vulnerability Management Service helps organisations understand their risks around known weaknesses and vulnerabilities across the entire estate. Armed with the insights gained from the results of the vulnerability scans, combined with actionable threat intelligence and an understanding of the current risks associated, an IT team can effectively prioritise resource in the areas needed to be more proactive in reducing the risks to the business. 

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At CyberGuard we leverage the Qualys’s cloud-based Vulnerability Management platform to deliver ongoing vulnerability scanning capabilities across your environment(s), providing a unified vulnerability scanning platform across IT, OT, Web Applications and Cloud based workloads.  

  • Endpoint Agents: Using cloud-agent based scanning for endpoints, it provides you with the ability to extend scan coverage outside of your traditional office environments and gain visibility into vulnerabilities regardless of the device location. The cloud agents will periodically update the Qualys platform with the latest information regarding the enrolled endpoints i.e., vulnerabilities, software inventory, services, device info. 
  • Local Scanners: For traditional on-premise network-based scanning, covering the elements of your network and infrastructure that are unable to run cloud agents. 
  • Remote Scanners: Cloud-based scanners for scanning externally facing resources 
  • Cloud Connectors: Cloud Connectors automatically identify assets in Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform and monitor their status in real-time. 
  • Passive Scanners: Qualys Passive Scanners identify assets that for different reasons can’t be actively scanned nor monitored with agents. That’s often the case with assets like industrial equipment (ICS), IoT and medical devices. 
  • Compliance Support: The Qualys’s vulnerability management platform is an approved scanning vendor (ASV) used for demonstrating compliance for the PCI-DSS standard, it also contains main scan and report templates for various compliance standards. 

Operating from CyberGuard’s 24/7 UK Security Operations Centre (SOC), our highly skilled team of security experts take responsibility for the management of your vulnerability scanning.

We are CREST accredited!

CREST is a not-for-profit accreditation body that represents and supports the technical information security market. It provides internationally recognised accreditations for organisations and individuals providing a host of cyber security services, including Incident Response.

By being accredited it provides an independent, verifiable third-party assessment of our processes giving you confidence that our procedures are of the highest standard. 

Individuals within the security industry recommend businesses looking for cyber security services should always search for CREST accredited bodies to ensure the services are carried out by skilled professionals. 

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