Vulnerability Testing

Your first step in tackling cyber-crime

Our vulnerability test is, in essence, testing your baseline security and should be your first step in understanding the threat an attacker or employee can potentially pose to your network or data. Our experts will examine the security of all servers, networks and firewalls as well as perform a vulnerability scan on all network connected devices.

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    The perfect start to your cyber security journey
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    Evaluation of your IT infrastructure
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    Pinpoint your security weaknesses
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    Easy to understand risk assessment reports
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    CREST and OSCP accredited

How vulnerable are you?

With cyber-attacks happening daily, it’s imperative that your business has a proactive strategy in place to deal with cyber-threats, making it paramount to understand your security weaknesses.

The only way to truly understand your security vulnerabilities is to get an independent, cyber accredited and approved organisation to take a holistic view and to look for vulnerabilities you would have potentially been unaware of.

This is where we can help…

By performing a vulnerability scan of all network connected devices, we’ll be able to evaluate your IT infrastructure and pinpoint your weaknesses.

Once performed we’ll then provide you with an easy to understand vulnerability report which will highlight your existing weaknesses and categorise them with critical, high, medium and low risk ratings.

We can then offer a clear explanation of the risks, comprehensive remedial advice and a set of recommendations to form a ‘baseline’ for your cyber security moving forward.

Cyber Accredited

Whenever you’re looking for a cyber security partner to perform your security testing, always make sure that you’re working alongside a fully cyber accredited body. This will highlight that the organisation testing your business is using ethical and secure methods which will offer you peace of mind. CyberGuard has been awarded CREST and OSCP certifications.


CREST is a not-for-profit, internationally recognised accreditation body within the cyber security industry. It provides evidence that our security professionals demonstrate knowledge, skills and competence. It also offers evidence from an independent, verifiable third-party assessment that CyberGuard provides the highest standard of cyber security services and work to the pinnacle of professional ethics.

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“The vulnerability assessment allowed us to see which areas of our security needed improvement and, whilst there weren’t any specific “alarm bells”, CyberGuard did identify a few areas for improvement.”


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Let us highlight your security weaknesses

Who would you rather infiltrate your network, us or a cyber-attacker? Let us pinpoint your security gaps before it’s too late