Website Special Features

Key functionality to enhance

your website performance

We have developed a number of key features to further enhance the performance of your eCommerce website and deliver a greater customer experience.

Loyalty Points

Offer incentives to drive repeat business on your website

Our integrated websites can be set up to allow customers to build up loyalty points each time they buy from you. We can configure the system to accrue points based on your preferences. Perhaps your loyalty points could amount to money off a future order, or perhaps they could be used to claim free products or special gifts.

What’s more you can even allow some customers to accrue points at a faster rate – really look after customers that are key to your business.

Manager Approval & Budget Control

Control your account with set budgets and controls

This is a great feature to offer your customers. Our system allows budgets to be set for each manager or site so a certain amount can be spent per week / month / quarter without approval. So for example, if you sell your products to a chain of care homes, it could be set up so each care home has their own online portal and monthly budget. Each care home can view their budget and how much remains at any time. If they go over their approved budget, it is sent automatically to an area manager for approval. We can even build dashboards so area managers can see, at a glance, how much each of their sites is spending.

Your customers will benefit from a fast, efficient purchasing workflow, whilst retaining tight control on what is spent.

A great way to differentiate yourselves from your competitors by offering services that really make a difference.

Saved baskets

Offer your customers the convenience of building baskets of products for purchase at a later date

Your customers can have as many baskets in their portal as they like and save them under any name they like. The beauty of “Saved baskets” feature is that your customers can then very simply reorder everything in that basket with just a few clicks, perfect if you have customers that order the same items from you on a regular basis.

Saved baskets are also very handy for businesses that have to price jobs prior to getting the work confirmed. So perhaps a builder’s merchant could put everything a customer needs for a job into a basket to calculate the total price. Then, if the job is approved, the saved basket is there ready and waiting to be ordered.


Gain the capability to let your customers buy from you from within their own procurement application

We have the technology to allow your customers to view and order products you have for sale from within their own procurement application. In a nutshell, you can enable your customer’s approved items to be available (or to ‘punch out) in their software so they can make their purchases without having to leave their own application and without having to enter product information in the procurement system; it’s all stored there ready for them. The procurement application in question is very often SAP.

This special ability of our websites to be able to communicate directly with procurement applications, such as SAP, can open up doors to conducting business with very large corporations. For example the NHS will very often only accept tenders from suppliers who can offer PunchOut functionality.

Online Channel Integration

Sell online using Amazon and eBay too!

You don’t even need an eCommerce website for this. We can integrate a prof.ITplus system with an Amazon and eBay account to open up a whole new world of selling possibilities (without the need for additional administration resources) using our prof.ITplus Channel Hub module.

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