What Are the Advantages of Hosted Telephony?

what are the advantages of hosted telephony

In past years, companies had to invest in expensive hardware to implement a telephone system. It wasn’t just a matter of buying a landline telephone. Think of all the hassle that went with it – installing copper telephone lines, for example. To make things worse, on-site telephony also entailed eye-watering maintenance costs. All put together, these factors made on-site telephony a no-go for small businesses. There’s a simple reason for that – it was just too much money.

The high costs of on-site telephony widened the gap between small businesses trying to make ends meet and large multinationals with infinite resources. Fortunately, those days are well behind us.

Thanks to the wonders of cloud computing, the telephony of even the smallest start-up can be on equal footing with that of trading giants.

Sometimes referred to as cloud telephony, hosted telephony is a telephone system hosted in the cloud instead of in a physical location. It offers the same functions as a traditional on-site telephone system, from simply picking up the phone to transferring and diverting calls. The difference is that with hosted telephony, all services are delivered through the Internet.

Hosted telephony removes the need for on-site hardware such as ISDN telephone lines. In fact, you can even make it work without an actual telephone! In the past few years, companies have leaned towards using VoIP phones or IP handsets. These devices look just like a good old phone – well, a more modern version – but actually make use of internet connection instead of physical telephone wires. However, you can also benefit from hosted telephony with a mobile phone or even a desktop computer.

Straightforwardness isn’t the only advantage of hosted telephony. Read on as we outline more…

What are the benefits of hosted telephony?

Businesses of all kinds and sizes can benefit from hosted telephony. In fact, more and more companies are outsourcing their telephony to external hosted providers these days. Here’s why…

Reduced equipment purchasing costs

Because there is no physical equipment involved, setting up a hosted telephone system is extremely cheap. In fact, the only hardware you will need to buy is the phones you’ll be using – simple as that. And it won’t take a telecommunications genius to make them work. More often than not, you’ll be able to buy pre-configured phones so the whole process is pretty much plug-and-use.

If your company is on a tighter budget, you can even ditch telephones altogether and use desktop computers and smartphones instead.

Security and reliability

Your first reaction might be to think that a hosted telephone solution will not be as safe as an on-site telephone system. After all, how safe can it be if I don’t have direct physical access to it?

However, that’s like thinking that your life’s savings are safer under your mattress than in a bank account. Your expert provider will monitor and protect your hosted telephony solution 24/7, so it’s a lot safer than on-site telephony.

It’s also a lot more reliable. Because cloud phone calls are hosted across many different locations, there’s always a back-up server to step up if a particular server location has any issues. On top of that, your hosted telephony solution will always be monitored by your providers. Since they’re the ones housing the Hosted PBX (Private Branch Exchange), they’ll take care of all maintenance, updating and troubleshooting. If any substantial work is required, you can always liaise with your provider to schedule it accordingly and minimise disruption.

Increased productivity

Hosted telephony will boost productivity to unheard-of levels.

There’s a simple reason why. From contact lists to seamless hotdesking, VoIP phones offer a wider range of functions than traditional landline phones. For instance, some VoIP phones display the presence status information of on-site and remote employees, making it easier to be on top of things. Additionally, they are a lot more stable, making things like broken-off lines and poor signal sound like things of the past.

You’ll also want to make sure that your hosted telephony solution includes video services – such as video conferencing or webinar capabilities. This will significantly reduce time spent on meetings, team chats and training. According to a recent study, having a hosted telephony solution such as Wildix can help each employee to save almost 2 hours on everyday operations.


In the days of on-premise telephony, updating and improving a phone system was a chimera. In-house telephony systems have a maximum number of individual connections for users on the network. This cap on users presents an obvious problem, particularly for fast-growing companies. Sometimes, businesses would have to purchase more phone lines to integrate new users into the system. In the worst-case scenario, the whole copper cable system had to be replaced, bringing disruption and very hefty bills to businesses.

Things are easier these days. Cloud-based telephony has simplified the expansion of phone systems to an unimaginable extent. Unlike with on-premise telephony, the number of users you can integrate in your system is completely fluid. Need to add a new user? It can be done in a few minutes from any computer with admin privileges.

Easy to use

Don’t let all the technicalities put you off. The truth is that hosted telephony is even more user-friendly than a landline phone. Even your least tech-savvy employee will get the knack of it in a few minutes – no special training required. You can even access your hosted telephony solution through a traditional web browser to make things easier.

To make things better, some hosted telephony interfaces – such as Wildix – can be configured to meet your organisation’s requirements. That means that you can build a hosted telephony plan that caters to the strengths and weaknesses of your workforce.

Make the switch to hosted telephony

Having on-premise telephony in this day and age is like sending a message through carrier pigeon instead of email. Fortunately, you can make the switch to faster, safer and more reliable telephony today with OGL. Our hosted telephony system supports multi-site, remote and mobile workforce as well as offering integration with Salesforce, SAP, Citrix, Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 software.

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