What is a Hosted Desktop?

What is a Hosted Desktop and why do you need it?

The idea of a ‘hosted desktop’ has been around for a few years now and with the impact of COVID-19 forcing many businesses to operate remotely, concepts like these have seen spikes in popularity. But what exactly does a hosted desktop consist of? Find out all about cloud-hosted desktops and how your business can benefit.

What is a Hosted Desktop?

A hosted desktop is much like a regular desktop in appearance and user experience. The difference is that all of the data and user information is stored on a private server and accessed via an internet connection.

Accessing desktops remotely like this enables seamless experiences across multiple accounts, easy remote working and greater security amongst a host of other benefits.

Virtualisation technology is employed in order to separate the desktop environment from the physical hardware of a computer. Much the same functionality is available as if you were using a traditional desktop, but with the added benefits associated with cloud computing.

Why Do I Need a Hosted Desktop?

Cloud-based computing solutions have become the standard over the last number of years. The benefits to user experience as well as cybersecurity have led to the emergence and popularity of a cloud-based solution for almost anything. Hosted desktops are an extension of these ideas and provide an incredible level of convenience for employees, leading to higher overall productivity.

Being able to access all of the necessary files, applications, email accounts and programmes remotely using just an internet connection provide an unparalleled level of integration for businesses.

Hosted Desktops provide a bespoke single user experience, managed centrally and tailored to their individual needs, enabling staff to work in a convenient and productive way.

Put simply, the benefits of hosted desktop systems can be summarised as;

  • Cost-effective
  • Increased security levels
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Prevents against data loss
  • Enhances productivity
  • Reduced downtime
  • Cost

As with all business processes, cost plays a key role in the consideration of any new product or piece of software. When it comes to hosted desktops, the cost-effective nature of it proves to be a real strength.

Operating and maintaining a single remote network is much cheaper than running a physical one with the myriad of hardware that goes with it. It’s also much easier for users to access as well as taking away the costs associated with server maintenance.


Cybersecurity is also beefed up considerably. This is because hosted desktops are cloud-connected, meaning sensitive data is not stored at one centralised location, making it much more difficult to compromise. This data is also backed up which guards against many data loss issues, whether these occur as a result of viruses or hardware problems.

Hosted desktops are considered non-persistent. This essentially means that when the computer or other device accessing the remote network shuts down temporary files are removed. This in turn makes it much more difficult for malware to gain access.

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