What Is UC&C & What Are Its Advantages?

what is UC&C and what are its advantages

The telecommunications industry has been shaken up by the emergence of UC&C, which stands for Unified Communications and Collaboration – but why?

UC&C is a term used to describe the unification of different communication services into one single platform. This means that all your communication services from instant messaging to web conferencing are integrated into one central solution. In the past, organisations would often have a different communication solution for each service. There would be an app for instant messaging, a different one for video conferencing, then another for phone calls.

With UC&C, all communication services work together to form a coherent whole. The key word in this acronym is Collaboration. In a world where everyone is expected to be connected 24/7, you can’t waste any time switching from one platform to another. Because UC&C integrates all services in a single platform, the word “switching” simply disappears from an organisation’s lexicon.

UC&C presents endless opportunities for companies. Keep reading to find out more and how it can benefit your organisation.

How can UC&C help my business?

In today’s ultra-competitive business environment, every single detail matters. And yet it might be argued that nothing is as important to a company’s success as communication. Can UC&C be the key that unlocks the true potential of your business?

1. Enhanced interoperability

Multi-tasking is the bread and butter of every customer service environment. Perhaps that is why we’ve forgotten how difficult it is to be an effective multi-tasker. Put yourself in the shoes of a customer contact specialist who needs to take dozens of calls every day whilst replying to the same number of emails and live chats. Now imagine doing that while having to switch from one computer application to another.

Without the right tools, multi-tasking for hours on end can be extremely exhausting and lead to stress and mental burnout. Fortunately, you can make life easier for your employees by implementing a UC&C solution.

Integrating voice communications into your computer systems will allow your customer service advisors to manage queries with ease. They will be able to reply to

emails and see a customer’s entire order history while still communicating effectively on the phone.

Integrating a UC&C solution will dramatically reduce your employees’ average handle time and facilitate their daily tasks. If your organisation has ambitious customer service targets to hit, UC&C could easily be the game-changer that tilts the balance in your favour.

Could we add something about receptionists managing calls to remote workers too as not just about call centres. With softphone options staff can receive calls through the PCs/laptops at home so no need for the hardware which ties into the later point about reducing costs

2. Scalability

Until recently, upgrading your communication systems often meant having to change your entire infrastructure to accommodate your users. Thanks to UC&C, that’s not the case anymore.

If you need to expand your communication solutions at some point, you can easily do this without changing all your infrastructure. UC&C’s flexible scalability translates into minimum downtime and non-existent infrastructure upgrading costs.

3. Increased productivity

On average, 28% of employees say that poor communication is the main reason why they’re not able to deliver work on time. There is a clear reason why this stat is particularly frustrating. Unlike stress or illness, poor communication in the workplace does have an easy fix. Unfortunately, the expansion of remote working has not improved our communication challenges. In fact, it might be argued that it has made them worse. A recent study shows that communication is one of the three biggest challenges associated with remote work.

Even if your teams are working hundreds of miles apart from each other, they still need to work together to complete their projects. The best way to bring them closer is by implementing a UC&C solution that includes reliable communication channels. By consolidating all your communication channels into a single platform, your employees will be more likely to work together. For example, an employee messaging a colleague about a problem will be able to immediately share their screen. This kind of collaboration will considerably enhance interoperability. It will also make your employees feel more connected to their colleagues.

4. Better customer satisfaction

From streaming films to quick food delivery, we’ve got too used to things being immediate. If something takes too long, then it’s not good enough. The same rules apply when it comes to customer service. The ever-increasing demands of your customers can only be met properly with a good communication structure in place. We’ve all had to deal with impatient customers who always demand immediate answers and results. Thanks to UC&C, placating unrealistic demands has become easier than ever. Because lag times are reduced to a bare minimum, information travels a lot faster.

UC&C also tackles one of the biggest issues with remote working – phone calls. There is nothing worse for a company’s reputation than employees who don’t pick up the phone. Thankfully, Unified Communications allows your customer service advisors to take voice calls from customers from their laptops. That way, you can ensure that your company always provides a high level of service – no matter where your employees work from.

5. Reduce costs

When it comes to communications solutions, nothing is as cost-effective as Unified Communications and Collaboration solutions. To start with, integrating UC&C into your systems means waving goodbye to the hefty licensing costs you need to pay to access several communication solutions.

Secondly, implementing a reliable and quick UC&C solution will effectively eliminate the need to organise in-person meetings. This will free up some very valuable time for your staff, which will allow them to go about their daily tasks more productively. It will also allow companies to cut down on travelling costs, as all meetings can take place online.

Thirdly, UC&C solutions are a lot easier to maintain than traditional communication systems. If you opt for a managed solution, all your IT maintenance costs will quickly disappear. Implementing hosted United Communications will significantly reduce downtime and ensure a no-hassle experience for all users.

Simplify your communications infrastructure today

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