• Invest in a digital foundation to future-proof your business

    The wholesale and distribution industry is a competitive one, and one that is undergoing a huge shift in the way they operate. Companies across the supply chain from manufacturers to wholesalers, distributors, merchants and retailers are looking to transform their operations with a modern-day makeover. Download our free guide on the importance of building a digital foundation for your business' success. 

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    Remove manual processes for a more profitable future

    OGL Software provides digital tools to drive sales.

  • How efficient is your business?

    Our free, quick efficiency test looks at your current operations to reveal whether your current procsses and software solutions are enabling you to perform at your best or are hindering your future. If you're worried about the performance of your business, OGL Software's quick and easy questionnaire can assess the efficiency of your processes so you can understand whether your buisness can stay competitive in the new normal. 

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    Real customers with real results

  • What do your customers say about you? 

    Do you have the reputation you deserve or do you find your stock management and business software systems are preventing you from delivering quality customer service? Effective stock control ensures you are in control of your order processing so you can be confident in your data and deliver on your promises to your customers every time. Download our free guide on how you can achieve the reputation you deserve with effective stock management. 

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    Tailored to your industry 

    OGL Software provides business and stock management solutions to wholesalers, merchants, and distributors in a large variety of industries, a few are detailed below. Our software experts understand the common, but also niche, pain points of your industry and we’ve created solutions that drive your business to be its best.

  • Empower your team with OGL Software

    Software that works on every level Work smarter, not harder to grow profits with our digital business and stock management solutions, Profit4 and prof.ITplus, designed to connect and automate ...

    OGL Software Implementation & Training

    With OGL, you’re in safe hands   We pride ourselves on our expertise in implementing software into businesses small and large. Over the past 40 years, we have worked with a wide range of...

    What is ERP?

    Keeping a wholesale, merchant or distribution business afloat requires countless processes and duties that are spread across several departments, all of which require financial and human resource. ...