Wireless Testing

An on-site evaluation of your security procedures

Our wireless testing service is an on-premise assessment of your security procedures. By evaluating on-site, we’ll thoroughly check the strength of any wireless access points by examining your corporate and guest wireless networks, which can be notoriously easy to be hacked. We’ll also carry out stringent password checks to see how easy it is to infiltrate your networks.

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    Assess the strength of your wireless access points
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    Examine your threats at your location
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    Password checks
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    Easy to understand reports & recommendations
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    CREST and Tigerscheme accredited

Before you invest in a whole suite of cyber security services, you need to first see the full picture and understand your security weaknesses. By performing a wireless test at your premises, it will highlight key security gaps from which you will be able to prioritise essential vulnerabilities that need to be fixed sooner rather than later.

Let us examine your location to test its resilience to cyber-attacks

Our wireless testing service is a real hands-on testing experience that gives us vital information other testing services might not pick up. Our experts will visit your site to assess the visibility and strength of any wireless access points into your business and examine their resilience to attackers.

Weak passwords are an inherent problem of wireless networks and it is not unheard of for an attacker to carry out an attack from a business’s own car park, having easily bypassed the wireless password and gained full entry to the internal network. Our testing services will highlight any potential password problems, for which we will offer recommendations on how to improve them in our Wireless Testing Report.

The Wireless Testing Report will provide a clear explanation of the risks to your wireless networks, and more importantly, highlight how we can improve your network security.

Cyber Accredited

Whenever you’re looking for a cyber security partner to perform your security testing, always make sure that you’re working alongside a fully cyber accredited body. This will highlight that the organisation testing your business is using ethical and secure methods which will offer you peace of mind. CyberGuard has been awarded both CREST and Tigerscheme certifications.


CREST is a not-for-profit, internationally recognised accreditation body within the cyber security industry. It provides evidence that our security professionals demonstrate knowledge, skills and competence. It also offers evidence from an independent, verifiable third-party assessment that CyberGuard provides the highest standard of cyber security services and works to the pinnacle of professional ethics.


We're proud to be a member of Tigerscheme, which is a commercial certification for technical security specialists backed by University standards and approved by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC). This certification gives our customers, looking for security services, confidence that they are working with a recognised and reputable company.

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“It is impossible to make safety judgements with limited information; however, CyberGuard assessed our vulnerabilities and prepared an in-depth report. This gave us the confidence to make informed choices. The CyberGuard team has been invaluable; they have looked at Star Fasteners holistically, identified our cyber-risk and tailored a package to meet our needs”

Star Fasteners

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Let us highlight your security weaknesses

Who would you rather infiltrate your network, us or a cyber-attacker? Let us pinpoint your security gaps before it’s too late