Take a new direction

OGL welcomes people from other specialisms with open arms, appreciating the different skills and viewpoints that it brings to our team.

In return, we offer you the chance to work with cutting-edge technology alongside our talented experts who will be more than happy to share knowledge with you and of course, the salaries are competitive in the Tech industry too!

We are talent-hunting

Think you may have what it takes to switch from your existing career and learn a whole new set of skills?

We’d love to hear from you. Drop us a covering letter, along with your CV, and tell us your story to date and why OGL might be the next step for you.

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The possibilities

The possibilities

Perhaps you’ve always had an interest in Software, or maybe you’re someone that loves the latest gadgets or designing websites and online gaming.

You could even have a background in warehouse management, stock management, business admin or accounts and would like to work on the other side helping customers to effectively use our business software packages.

That said, it could be none of the above but you’re passionate, driven and talented and just like the idea of working in the Tech industry.

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A new future with OGL

Established in 1976 we pride ourselves on providing UK businesses with cutting-edge ERP software.

At OGL you will be able to make a real difference in helping our clients grow successful businesses while realising your career ambitions.

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A new future at ogl

Join the OGL family

OGL is still a family-owned organisation, established in 1976 selling Olivetti type-writers; we’ve come a long way since then and now has more than 100 staff. We take our work seriously but are a fun-loving, happy bunch too. Could you be our next newest recruit?


I was a teacher in my previous work life, so I’ve always been good at actively listening and adapting my communication style and body language to suit different people and scenarios. That experience has helped me to confidently deal with a whole range of customers, queries and issues since joining OGL. Being a teacher meant having to be extremely organised and good at managing my time; skills that have come in very useful in my new career as a Project Manager. It’s amazing how many skills have transferred from the classroom to my current role!

OGL Software Project Manager