Dario Brenni Celebrates 10 Years

Dario Brenni, WebServices manager, recently celebrated 10 years at OGL Group.

July 15, 2023

A huge congratulations to Dario Brenni who recently celebrated 10 years at OGL.

Dario looks back on the last 10 years:

"Ten years seems to have flown by! I came to work at OGL after a friend, whom I'd previously worked with who was now managing one of OGL's Technical Support teams (South team I think), recommended that I take a look at the Software Team Leader position. At the time, my place of work was in the throes of being closed and I was actively looking for a new role. After a couple of interviews I was thrilled to be offered the position. With a background managing teams of Forensic Analysts profiling DNA in laboratories, I must admit I started with some trepidation, unsure of what to expect coming to a Software company. However, after a couple of months, spending time in each of the software teams I soon settled in and found a home in WebServices.

"In my first week I was treated to my first legendary Friday sandwich and a BLT with homemade coleslaw (which I still order today). When it arrived I was touched to read hand written personal message on the packaging wishing me well; I thought nothing more of it, thinking it was something they just did, until I noticed some puzzled looks from those around me. It turned out that my partners friend's sister was the owner of the sandwich shop (small world!). I stayed in WebServices for several years before moving onto manage the prof.ITplus core team. Fast forward through to the pandemic and as part of the software restructure I joined the Profit4 team, helping set up and manage the Profit4 Support & Installation team, before moving back to manage the WebServices team where I am today.

"What I like most about working at OGL is it's never boring and I get to work with some truly amazing people whom I would like to thank."

Sharon Moreno congratulates him on his 10 years at OGL:

"It doesn't seem like five minutes since Dario joined the business and embarked upon his career within the Software division. During his time at OGL, Dario has worn several hats; Project Leader, Development Manager and WebServices Manager, which is the role he performs today.

"Dario thrives in breaking down a complex process into its parts to fully understand it as a whole and building it back up, identifying improvements along the way. He is always looking to learn and improve the way we work; he just loves working with the team on a retrospective "What went well?", "What could we have done better?" and "What can we improve?".

"I'd like to congratulate Dario on achieving his 10 years' service and thank him for all his hard work."

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