Profit4's order management system

wholesaler using laptop
wholesaler using laptop
wholesaler using laptop
wholesaler using laptop

Save hours of work & reduce errors with automation

Deliver first-class customer service and get orders out faster
Order statuses auto update

Order statuses auto update

Automated shipping

Automated shipping

Automated invoicing & comms

Automated invoicing & comms

Website, Amazon & eBay mirroring

Website, Amazon & eBay mirroring

Streamlined returns

Streamlined returns

Auto re-order bestsellers

Auto re-order bestsellers

wholesaler using laptop

Profit4 automatically updates order statuses for full control

Track the status of all orders at every step, in real-time
Real-time order statuses

Real-time order statuses

Orders pulled in from all sales channels

Orders pulled in from all sales channels

Real-time stock availability

Real-time stock availability

Courier integration & tracking updates

Courier integration & tracking updates

wholesaler using laptop

Pull in orders from all your sales channels & mirror data

Streamline your business with 100% visibility of all orders
Website integration

Website integration

 Amazon, Ebay & Etsy integration

Amazon, Ebay & Etsy integration

Trade counter integration

Trade counter integration

Easily manage 1000's of SKUs

Easily manage 1000's of SKUs

One system to manage everything

Manage and connect all areas of your business with one system


Stock control

Stock control



Supplier relationship management

Supplier relationship management

Reporting & analytics

Reporting & analytics



Profit4 Orders & Orders Status dashboards
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Understand how Profit4's OMS can grow your business
  • 100% visibility of orders & their status
  • Improve customer service & delivery
  • Streamline operations & save time

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Trusted by 1,000's of UK users

"We are around 8hrs a day better off, which we are now spending on making up orders quicker, so our customers wait even less time"



"We outgrew Sage & since we’ve switched, we’ve definitely seen a step up in our sales"



"We currently have the integration for Amazon & eBay... which is a massive time saver for us"



"We wanted to improve our reputation & our delivery performance & unless you have very good [software] to support you, that is not going to happen"



Manage all your sales channels in one intuitive system

One system to run your entire business

Profit4's order management system will automatically pull in orders from your website, eBay/Amazon or Trade Counter. Plus, because it's so quick and easy you can also input orders while on the phone with a customer.

All orders can be tracked in real-time, at every step:

  • Order details: view per order or per line
  • Order status: awaiting allocation / assigned / allocated / dispatched
  • Delivery estimates & courier tracking details
Businessman using Profit4 order management software on laptop

Get customer orders out faster

Improve customer service and reduce human error

Remove the manual tasks from your order management processes that can cause costly errors, to improve productivity, order fulfilment and efficiency.

Get the right products to the right customers quickly to improve your reputation, increase repeat orders and customer retention rates.

Warehouse workers loading orders into van

A quick, easy-to-use order management system

Profit4 sales and business overview dashboards

100% visibility with
real-time order statuses

Track your orders at every step to improve customer satisfaction

Profit4's order management system shows you real-time order statuses, so you can ensure customers receive the correct orders. These statuses include:

  • Awaiting allocation - if an item is out of stock, the person purchasing from your supplier is automatically provided with a shortages list so they can raise a purchase order
  • Assigned - when an order is placed with your supplier for an out-of-stock item it is then automatically assigned to an order, with a delivery estimate provided
  • Allocated - if there is available stock it is automatically allocated to an order
  • Dispatched - when an order leaves your warehouse it is automatically marked as dispatched with the tracking details made available
Profit4 order statuses appearing on laptop

Enjoy seamless carrier integration

Let Profit4 do all the work for you with a simple 4-step process
  • Step 1 - Select your courier within the system. Profit4 can integrate with DPD, Parcelforce, Evri & more!
  • Step 2 - The system automatically pulls in the product weights & customer address to calculate shipping. (It can use your bespoke costings).
  • Step 3 - Profit4 will then print a delivery note & shipping label for you to attach to the order.
  • Step 4 - The system then pulls in the tracking details from the courier. An automated dispatch email is sent to the customer & your website or eBay/Amazon is updated.

Prioritise orders for dispatch

Telephone, eCommerce and trade counter orders can all be prioritised

Profit4 enables you to prioritise which orders are picked and dispatched first from the warehouse. This is particularly handy when:

  • A customer has asked for expedited delivery
  • You use a courier that picks up at a certain time in the morning, so you can process courier deliveries first & then focus on your own van deliveries that can go anytime that day
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Integrate with your website, couriers, trade counter & more!

Order processing functionality checklist

Profit4's order management system provides accurate, real-time data for your inventory / stock.

This ensures you can provide customers with accurate availability and lets you know when bestsellers need to be restocked.

Set rules to raise purchase orders on out-of-stock items so stock is automatically allocated to the sale when it arrives at the warehouse.

Fulfil orders from customers regardless of the stock you hold and OGL Software will seamlessly allocate stock for back orders, pre-orders and partially allocated orders effectively so your warehouse team doesn’t need to worry about manually checking stock and outstanding orders.

Profit4's order management system will issue your warehouse team with a sequenced picking note, providing you with the best-optimised route to take for picking.

Wave picking ensures you get orders to customers faster.

Stay on top of returns and refunds with Profit4's order management software features.

Profit4 enables you to quickly select an order to raise a return. While it is assessed, it is marked as in quarantine. You can then create a returns reason code and if the product is resellable, you can send it back into available stock. 

Refunds can be issued in a few clicks and there's the option to apply a restocking charge.

Our Order Management Software integrates with Amazon, eBay and your eCommerce website to enable a seamless data flow of customer account information, product details, pricing and stock level.

This will avoid overselling and deliver a personalised service, no matter where your customers buy from you.

Bulk import price lists and product information that filters to all sales channels and track real-time stock levels without the endless manual admin.

Profit's order management system will integrate with your couriers - automating processes, so you can quickly generate shipping labels and schedule deliveries.

Profit4 will also automatically provide customers with delivery tracking updates.

With Profit4's order management software features you have the option to integrate a specific trade counter interface.

This makes selling at your trade counter, trade shows and events simple and effective.

Developed with our customers’ needs in mind, our point of sale interface makes adding a sale, viewing product details, checking real-time stock levels, handling discounts and up-selling and cross-selling seamless.

Profit4 arms your sales teams with the tools to deliver quality, personalised customer service whilst also hitting sales targets. 

With thousands of product lines and customers, you'll inevitably have thousands of price combinations and customer pricing structures.

Profit4 handles these with ease across all your sales channels and enables you to view the profit margins for each product.

Enjoy minimal effort for maximum impact on your customer service and efficiencies.

Report on your biggest sellers and spenders, your top-performing sales reps, your leakage and sales opportunities as well as seasonal trends to ensure your business grows.

Profit4's sales reporting software features customisable dashboards and workspaces that will give you and your team members the key pieces of data they need to stay on track, improve sales forecasts and performance.

Instantly view your financial performance and customers' order history.

Plus because Profit4 is ultra quick, you can easily place re-orders, raise invoices and order confirmations all from the order screen.

Profit4 also offers your sales team access to a customer's specific account terms including special pricing, discounts, payment terms, credit limits and more. 

With its advanced Cloud technology, you can access Profit4's order management software from any location via your internet browser.

Making it ideal for working from home, visiting suppliers or when attending a trade show.

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Explore more Profit4 features

Profit4 includes a range of features... providing everything you need to manage your business in one software.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, your order statuses will automatically update to:

  • Awaiting allocation
  • Assigned
  • Allocated
  • Dispatched
  • Invoiced

OGL’s order management software is a scalable system. This ensures it’s an affordable option for small businesses but can also scale with you, as your business grows.

With technical innovations such as its true Cloud browser interface, OGL’s order management software is more accessible, quicker to learn, easier to adapt to and cheaper to install.

Profit4 increases efficiency and allows your business to grow, without the need for hiring additional staff.

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