Our Sustainability Pledge

We can all play a part in protecting our environment

At OGL Software we are committed to creating a more sustainable future through our operating practices.

From planting trees to recycling old equipment, we continually review our business practices and policies to identify how we can positively contribute to our wider surroundings.

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As our business grows, we also want to support the continued growth and sustainability of the world around us.

That's why we've pledged to make a donation to the World Land Trust to plant a new tree each time an employee joins us or a new Profit4 customer goes live.


...as of the 24th April 2024
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We believe in real-world actions

Our direct emissions have been reduced by 54% in business mileage since 2019

This is due to video conferencing replacing some face-to-face meetings. Cloud-based software solutions, which can be supported remotely, reducing the number of visits to customer sites.

We also introduced a Hybrid Working Policy in 2019 which has reduced our indirect emissions as a result of fewer employee commutes.

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We have reduced printing across the business by 90% since 2019

This is following the introduction of electronic signature software, follow-me printing and video presentation software.

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We're using energy-saving strategies & equipment in our offices

Our energy-saving strategies include requirements for all staff machines to be switched off overnight and at weekends, and all screens used are of energy-saving specification.

Our office heating and air conditioning systems allow a fully configurable temperature control for each area. Office energy consumption is also reduced due to our Hybrid Working Policy, permitting staff to work from home.

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We've reduced our indirect emissions by recycling & donating used OGL equipment

We recycle other electrical and unusable IT equipment via our registered accredited waste carrier supplier.

We also separate office waste streams for recycling such as cardboard, paper, metals and plastics.

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