The benefits of Profit4's stock control system

Real-time stock levels & locations

Improve stock availability & customer service
Real-time stock levels

Real-time stock levels

Accurate availability

Accurate availability

Multi-location tracing

Multi-location tracing

No manual stock counts

No manual stock counts

Manage your SKUs with ease

A stock control system that saves hours of work
Optimised stock picking

Optimised stock picking

Bulk upload supplier prices & images

Bulk upload supplier prices & images

Dynamic supplier & customer pricing

Dynamic supplier & customer pricing

Batch number tracing

Batch number tracing

Streamlined returns

Streamlined returns

Increase your profits with optimised stock levels

Increase availability & reduce storage costs
Recommended min & max stock levels

Recommended min & max stock levels

Forecasting customer demand

Forecasting customer demand

Auto re-order bestsellers

Auto re-order bestsellers

100% visibility of your performance

Access real-time stock, sales and financial data in a few clicks
Quick, easy-to-use reports

Quick, easy-to-use reports

Identify your most profitable products

Identify your most profitable products

Quickly spot sales leakage

Quickly spot sales leakage

All sales channels integrated

All sales channels integrated

Adjust your sales strategy accordingly

Adjust your sales strategy accordingly

Cloud based, access from anywhere

Cloud based, access from anywhere

Other Profit4 features

Manage not just stock, but all areas of your business within one system
Real-time accounting

Real-time accounting

Order processing

Order processing

Customer management

Customer management

Supplier management

Supplier management

In-depth reporting & analytics

In-depth reporting & analytics

A wide range of integrations

A wide range of integrations

Stock control system dashboard

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Streamline your operations,
grow your business

One system to run your entire business

Profit4 will unify your business operations, so all the business processes involved in stock control - such as finance, purchasing, fulfilment, customers and sales orders - can be centralised, automated and maintained within one system.

This will avoid manual admin and the duplication of tasks - saving you time and money.

Everyone in your business will also be using the same up-to-date data, allowing for more informed decision-making.

Business owner using laptop in warehouse

Increase profits with
optimised stock levels

Avoid tying up money & ensure your bestsellers are never out of stock

If unsold stock is sitting on the shelf it's costing you money. With Profit4 you can quickly identify stock that's not selling and adjust your sales strategy and future supplier orders accordingly.

Profit4's stock control system also suggests the ideal min/max stock levels for your products based on previous order volumes.

There is also the option to setup automatic reordering with your supplier when a bestselling product's stock level reaches a certain level.

Optimised warehouse

Grow without the need for extra staff

Profit4 automates the manual tasks involved in inventory management, allowing your business to grow without hiring more staff to handle the increased workload.

It also frees up your time, so you can concentrate on growing your business and selling products rather than admin.

Warehouse using stock management software

A stock control system, designed with the user in mind

Profit4 Order Processing Dashboard on a laptop

100% visibility across
all locations & bins

Take full control of your inventory

Know exactly how much stock you have, how much you can sell and exactly where it's located.

Whether you're managing multiple warehouses or multiple sales channels (web, trade counter, telephone), your inventory levels will automatically update.

Profit4's stock management system also offers a bill of materials, so if you sell a kit made up of multiple products, it will automatically reflect the component stock levels.

Business owner view stock dashboard on laptop

reduce stock picking times

Save time & money with optimised picking

Profit4's stock management software tells you the exact location of a product in the warehouse. It also generates a picking note for your team - this note provides the most efficient route for picking the products.

This saves time, reduces staff needed, and improves customer service for your customers.

Warehouse worker walking through optimised warehouse

Quickly spot bestsellers
& sales leakage

No clunky bolt-ons required. All your sales channels connected.

With full visibility of your stock and customers' sales data, you can quickly spot any unusual sales decreases or if demand for certain products is low - this enables you to quickly take action and ensure you're not ordering more of that product.

By identifying bestselling stock you can also set up automated purchasing processes to ensure those products are never out of stock.

The data is auto-presented in a visual bar graph so you don't need to spend unnecessary time trying to interpret a high volume of sales figures. The graphs also enable you to drill down to the product type or even individual product level.

Business owner view stock dashboard on laptop

Integrate with your website, couriers, trade counter & more!

Stock management functionality checklist

Profit4's stock management software's real-time stock data enables you to continuously track your stock count. 

Tracking this electronically allows you to improve accuracy and efficiency.

Select locations or product groups to count and generate accurate stock data while removing the risk of human error.  

When an order is allocated a picking note is auto-generated. This can either be emailed or printed.

The picking note will include the exact bin number/location for each product and provide an optimised route for picking.

Profit4's stock control system can integrate with your website, Amazon, eBay, trade counter and more.

These integrations are seamless, with Profit4 maintaining its quick, easy-to-use user experience.

Stock systems typically limit the number of attributes you can assign to a product. However, as a wholesaler or distributor, we recognize that you require more attributes than that.

Profit4 enables you to apply an unlimited amount of custom product attributes to your products such as thread size, length, etc. These attributes can be used to easily find the right products when making an order for a customer. They can also be used to analyse order volumes and stock levels in more detail.

By integrating with your website you also have the option to allow customers to filter online products by attribute.

No matter how many warehouses, sales channels, or product lines you have, you can see and track all your stock..

Profit4's stock management system provides 100% visibility of your tracked inventory items across multiple locations.

And with Profit's batch number tracing you can quickly identify and resolve faulty products.

Bulk import supplier prices and images to ensure you’re maintaining the right profit margins when selling to customers.

Knowing the cost price of raw materials is important for several reasons. It helps you set rules for the lowest selling price, negotiate options, and determine profit margins. This information is crucial for your sales team as it allows them to make informed decisions and increase profit margins.

Wholesalers and distributors deal with many products, resulting in numerous pricing options and customer pricing structures that must be regularly updated.

Managing this process without software is a mammoth task, one which OGL's stock control system handles with ease.

Link your purchasing and finance department to your warehouse and order processing teams. Use the same current data to improve purchasing decisions.

Set minimum and maximum level rules on your products so purchase orders can be automatically raised when necessary. And if you don’t have stock of an item a customer is requesting you can create special product codes during order entry to order a product in specifically for that customer. If they ever require the same product in the future, you will be able to trace this in the sales order history.

Profit4's stock management software suggests the highest and lowest stock levels for your products, using past order amounts.

Gain insight with detailed reports on all your stock movements so you can make smarter decisions on purchasing and warehouse management. Profit4's stock control software provides full visibility of stock levels, sales history, best sellers and non-movers, you gain full control of your stock which will impact your bottom line.

Profit4's stock management system is Cloud based so you can access Profit4 from any location via your internet browser.

This is ideal if you're working from home, visiting customers or suppliers, or at a trade show.

You will be provided with your own dedicated Customer Success Manager who is easily contactable via telephone or email.

Your Customer Success Manager will also regularly arrange catch ups to check you're getting the most out of our stock control system and to answer any questions you may have.

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Explore more Profit4 features

Profit4 includes a range of features... providing everything you need to manage your business in one software.

Frequently asked questions

Stock control systems, also referred to as inventory management software, are used to track inventory levels in your warehouse and across multiple locations.

The benefits of a stock control system include streamlining processes, improving warehouse efficiency, enhancing communication, and improving customer service.

Our stock control software will connect all departments across your business, including stock control, sales order management, finance and customer service. When interlinked these departments will work more efficiently as they will have full visibility of your stock and sales, creating a smooth streamlined order management process.

You will also find that the time spent on internal admin tasks is dramatically reduced, giving your team more time to focus on growing and building your company.

As wholesalers and distributors, your inventory and warehouse sit at the heart of your business, which means the success of your stock management processes directly impacts the success of your business.

This is why an advanced, comprehensive inventory management system is crucial to your business performance and will enable you to take your business to the next level.

OGL’s stock management system can be configured to suit your business needs, ensuring it’s an affordable option for small businesses.

OGL's stock control software is easier to use and cheaper to install. This is due to its true Cloud browser interface and technical advancements.

It is also scalable, so as your business grows it will adapt with you.

As a small business, you want your staff to work efficiently. Profit4 saves time and money by automating manual tasks and reducing the need for more staff as you grow. 

You can also see your stock in real-time to maintain minimum levels for orders without using too much capital.

OGL’s business software will integrate with Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, Amazon, eBay and more.

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The larger a business grows the higher the demand on every member of the team with regards to admin tasks. By utilising OGL’s stock control software you will have the support and stability you need to expand without the extra admin, staff and inefficient processes.

OGL’s software also supports a high volume of SKUs to meet the demands of most businesses.

At OGL we see the relationship with our customers as a partnership, whereby we’ll get to know the unique ins and outs of your business to provide the best guidance and advice possible to ensure that our stock control software will effectively help your business grow.

With a committed Software Support Team, based in our West Midlands Head Office, you will always have someone on hand either via telephone or email to offer professional, expert advice.

Perpetual stock management (which Profit4 provides) electronically tracks systems to continually record inventory as opposed to businesses relying on periodic stock taking whereby businesses carry out time-consuming physical inventory counts manually.

No need to dread the annual stock takes, instead you can save money on direct costs and improve customer service by having the correct stock accuracy.

The simple answer is, yes! OGL Software’s stock control management can maintain stock at multiple locations and warehouses.

Wholesalers and distributors who begin their journey on small software packages that aren’t tailored for their industry, often find that they quickly outgrow the software and need a solution that can support them in future growth.

We tackle the challenges faced by businesses that have outgrown their current system by supplying a robust ERP system, built specifically for wholesalers and distributors.

OGL Software has many integrated modules that work together seamlessly to maximise efficiency and profits.

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