Helen Cassell Joins the 20 Year Long Service Club

Helen Cassell, our Linux Infrastructure and Web Support Manager, celebrates 20 years at OGL.

February 14, 2020

At OGL, we work hard to create a culture where opinions are valued, achievements are celebrated, and exceptional commitment is recognised.

With this in mind, we'd like to extend a hearty congratulations to Helen Cassell, Linux Infrastructure & Web Support Manager, who is the latest member of staff to join the OGL Long Service Club after recently celebrating her 20th anniversary with us. Helen was presented with an engraved glass award, an Amazon gift voucher and a meal for two from Commercial Director Neil Morris.

We asked Helen to reflect on her time at OGL so far.

"The first 3 years of my OGL life were in the Technical Department. I was originally employed as an admin for a new team scheduling installs of PCs, printers, etc. and booking cabling engineers and where we now have three internal salespeople, at this time there was just one. I later spent time working as an administrator for New Business and briefly as Administrator for Existing Sales.

"Then in 2003, just when prof.ITplus was in its beta phase, I was asked if I would be interested in joining the Software Department. At the time this was like joining a different company. My knowledge was hardware solutions - I don't think I'd even heard of UNIX or Linux then, but I wanted to give it a go. As the teams grew and changed, so did my responsibilities. I became more focused on supporting the Account Management team with booking their meetings and preparing their reports and proposals.

"I knew I had found my place in the Software Department, moving to work with the training team as Co-ordinator and then becoming Team Leader of the Linux install engineers.

"Today, I am Manager of the Linux Infrastructure & Web Support team. It is hard to think that 20 years have passed! I have been given so many great opportunities working at OGL and worked with and still work with some fantastic people!"

Charlie Grant, Helen's Manager, congratulated Helen on her 20 years at OGL:

"What I have realised over the years, working alongside Helen, is that she is extremely dedicated to the cause, no matter how tricky or daunting a situation might be. Regardless of the task, Helen takes a lot of pride in the work she completes and will always ensure it is completed to the highest standard.

"The 13 years I have known Helen have been a pleasure and she deserves a massive "well done" for the dedication and hard work that she continues to put in. Thank you, Helen, for your years of outstanding dedication."

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