Jo Broomhall Celebrates 15 Years at OGL

Jo Broomhall, our PA to Directors, celebrates 15 years at OGL.

March 8, 2021

A huge congratulations to Jo Broomhall who is the latest member of staff to join the Long Service Club having recently celebrated her 15th anniversary at OGL. Jo was presented with an Amazon eVoucher, engraved glass trophy and silver pin badge from Neil Morris on behalf of all the Directors.

Jo looks back on the last 15 years:

"15 years and where does the time go?

"I started at OGL in 2006 when I worked as a Sales Administrator for the Existing Sales Team and Vijay was only 52 (!). About 2 years later I started working as PA for Paul Byrne and Ashok Patel, which is a role I've been doing ever since. My role consists of a mixture of tasks that I feel like I've been doing forever, combined with a lot of ad-hoc and sometimes very bizarre tasks, which keeps me on my toes!

"I'm amazed at how the company has grown even since I've been here and and continues to do so. It puts a smile on my face when I come across work that I used to do in a very long winded way, because there was no one else to do it and now those processes are automated with information available at a click of a button (and I'm sure the information is a lot more accurate!).

"I'm looking forward to getting back to the office; I'm sure Ashok made me a cup of tea when I'd completed my 10 years' service and told me I'd have earned another one in 5 years' time and it better be worth waiting for!"

Ashok Patel, Jo's manager, congratulates her on her 15 years at OGL:

"First of all I would like to congratulate Jo on her 15 years of service and thank her for all her support over the years. During her time at OGL she has really developed an in-depth knowledge of the Company and the financial function, so much so that she simply deals with the day-to-day things that crop up as she just knows what I would say or do in any given situation. She has gotten to know how Paul Byrne and I work so well that she's often done things before we even ask which makes her a real asset and someone who we have both come to rely on and trust implicitly. I know I promised her that anniversary cup of tea and I am true to my word; I was in the office on her anniversary and I made the tea but unfortunately she chose to be off that day so I'm sorry she missed it. I very much hope Jo will remain with us for many years to come so there is still time for me to make that tea and only 5 more years to the next anniversary, Jo!"

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