Lee Gordon celebrates 5 years at OGL Software

A huge congratulations to Lee Gordon who recently celebrated 5 years at OGL Software.

November 2, 2023

A huge congratulations to Lee Gordon who has reached his 5-year Long Service milestone.

We caught up with Lee to find out more about his time at OGL so far…

"I started working at OGL on 29 October 2018 after being made redundant from my previous job working for a Housing Association in Worcester. I had a background working in internal IT support and data transfer roles. I started in the prof.ITplus support team working on 2nd Line Bridge support incidents. After a couple of years I moved to the Profit4 team working on data transfers and creating stationery. Even though I have only worked at OGL for 5 years I have seen many changes.

I enjoy the close working relationship at OGL and the way everyone helps each other. If there are aspects of your job you do not know you can arrange for a clinic and have help from experts in that area. My work has been very varied and interesting over the last 5 years. Although some customers can be challenging to work with there are many that make the work more enjoyable and easy to work with."

Lee's manager, Carl Hillier commented:

"As we celebrate the milestone of Lee's fifth year with OGL Software , it's an opportune moment to reflect on the journey he has undertaken and the contributions he has made during his time so far.

Lee began his journey with us on in October 2018, stepping into the role of Application Support Advisor. From the outset, his dedication and focus for his work were apparent. His skill in handling technical issues and providing timely solutions earned him the respect of our customers.

November 2019 marked a significant point in his journey with OGL. Initially seconded within the Profit4 Software Development team, Lee demonstrated his adaptability and versatility, quickly mastering the intricacies of data migration within this domain. With a commitment to personal and professional growth, Lee was offered the permanent role of Data Migration Analyst within the Software Delivery Team.

In Delivery, Lee has proved instrumental in ensuring the seamless and efficient delivery of Profit4 to our customers. His ability to bridge the gap between data intricacies and customer requirements has been key in cementing our reputation for delivering excellence and reliability.

Beyond his day-to-day role, Lee's amiable personality and willingness to collaborate have made him an invaluable team player. His willingness to go above and beyond, whether it's working later to support his team, mentoring new team members with Jaspersoft, or lending a helping hand on support, demonstrates his dedication to the success of our company as a whole.

As Lee crosses this milestone, we are not only celebrating his journey to date but also looking forward to the continued achievements that undoubtedly lie ahead.

Please join me in congratulating Lee on his 5-year anniversary and in wishing him continued success in the years to come."

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