Liam James Celebrates 5 Years at OGL

A huge congratulations to Liam James who recently celebrated his 5th anniversary at OGL.

January 26, 2022

A huge congratulations to Liam James who recently celebrated 5 years at OGL.

Liam looks back on the last 5 years:

"I first joined OGL in the January of 2017. Before OGL I worked at Stourport Sports Centre as a lifeguard for 3 years. It was closing so I used savings to travel around Europe and planned to return after a month. After returning and knowing I wanted a job in IT, I applied for an apprenticeship at OGL. During my apprenticeship I had the role of a 1st Line Engineer; this was while it was one group before being split and each team having its own 1st line engineers. After finishing my apprenticeship, I continued as a 1st Line Engineer, progressing to 2nd Line and now to a 3rd Line Engineer. Throughout my time at OGL I have gained a number of skills and believe I have progressed fairly quickly to a position that I am happy with.

"My favourite aspect of OGL is the friends I have made in my time here. Everyone is willing to help and are always in a good mood especially over lockdown. Since I began, I think my biggest achievement is attending my graduation ceremony for my apprenticeship. I attended this with some of my colleagues at OGL who also finished their apprenticeships as well as Natalie who helped us all through the apprenticeship."

Lee Jones, Liam's manager, congratulates him on his 5 years at OGL;

"Liam joined OGL as an apprentice 1st Line Engineer with no IT or work experience. He has worked his way up from 1st Line to an established 3rd Line Engineer in a very short space of time. He is hardworking, always puts the customer first and is regularly one of the last to leave his desk at the end of the day. Liam is a credit to the team and OGL, proving if you are willing to put the work in, you will be rewarded."

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