Matt Bell Celebrates 5 Years at OGL

A huge congratulations to Matt Bell who recently celebrated his 5th anniversary at OGL.

December 22, 2021

A huge congratulations to Matt Bell who recently celebrated his 5th anniversary at OGL.

Matt looks back on the last 5 years:

"I applied for the position of 1st line Software Support Consultant and however, during a follow up meeting to discuss ambitions and where we would like to see ourselves in the future, I said I was interested in the programming side of things. After 1 year on 1st line, a position opened on 2nd Line Bridge Application Software Support which I was pleased to accept. I then worked on User Support for 6 months to build up my investigation skills and learn how the system functions on the front end, and then spent the next 6 months between User Support and 2nd Line Bridge to develop skills until I became full time on 2nd line Bridge which is where I work today.

"My biggest achievement was when I once won Employee of the Quarter. This was when there was a change to the format, and everybody was allowed to vote for their favourite colleague so was nice to know my colleagues appreciate me!"

Matt Poole, Matt's manager, congratulates him on his 5 years at OGL:

"Matt has certainly made an impact in Software Support during his 5 year service. We are more than fortunate to have Matt in our 2nd Line Bridge Support team where I see and hear him delivering great customer service every single day. His ability to take ownership of a situation and come out the other side with more knowledge is great to see.

"I want to thank you for all of your hard work and congratulations on your 5 year anniversary!"

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