Congratulations to Paul Jackson on 10 fantastic years at OGL!

A huge congratulations to Paul Jackson who recently celebrated his 10-year Long Service milestone.

June 25, 2024

Paul's manager, Carl Hiller had this to say: "It's a remarkable achievement to celebrate Dr Jackson’s 10-year milestone with OGL Software. Over the past decade, Paul has been a cornerstone of our team, displaying dedication, expertise, and an unwavering commitment to our customers.

Paul has been a Training Consultant for prof.ITplus throughout his tenure. During this time, he has guided countless customers through their journey with prof.ITplus, ensuring they went live smoothly. His vast knowledge and meticulous approach have made him a vital asset in implementing these projects successfully.

Even today, Paul continues to put prof.ITplus sites live for existing customers who are expanding their businesses, showcasing his ability to adapt and provide continuous support with ever-changing customer requirements.

Despite the fact that we are no longer selling prof.ITplus to new businesses, Paul’s expertise is still in high demand and with a passion for traveling around the country he spends considerable time on-site with customers, offering training and consultancy to help them maximise their use of prof.ITplus. A recent example of his outstanding work is with Principality Plastics. After just three days on-site, the team felt as though they had a brand-new system. The Managing Director wrote to me to express that their time with Paul has been invaluable and that he is an asset to OGL. It is this focus and feedback that play a significant role in the continued retention of our prof.ITplus customers.

Paul has become the King of Works Order Processing; he is able to find solutions to, at times, some very unique customer requirements. He once produced a way of working for a very complex human tissue company - everybody had a go in trying to establish a framework to no avail however Paul's persistence ensured a way forward in a very challenging situation.

He is able to commit to tasks that require significant effort to establish solutions, particularly in the way that he has adapted to working within the Helpdesk environment, supporting our customers and colleagues within support and across the business with training sessions, upskilling, mentoring and coaching.

Celebrating Paul’s 10-year milestone with OGL is a testament to his hard work and commitment. His contributions have not only played a part in driving the success of our customers' businesses but have also supported the continued growth of OGL.

Thank you, Paul, and here’s to many more years of success and collaboration!"

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