Richard Meredith Celebrates 15 Years at OGL

A huge congratulations to Richard Meredith who recently celebrated his 15th anniversary at OGL.

January 20, 2022

A huge congratulations to Richard Meredith who recently celebrated 15 years at OGL.

Richard looks back on the last 15 years:

"I started life at OGL as a prof.ITplus Software Trainer which I did for about four years and loved; I got the job by applying for the role online to be told I did not have enough qualifications. Of course, as anyone who knows me knows once I get an idea in my head, I normally get it completed. So I kept calling up HR and asking what I needed to do to get an interview. After the fourth call I had given up, then Dawn Baldwin called me and told me "You have got your chance" and she had got me a chance to meet with Debbie Barton for an interview. I did my best to find out about the company and with a little inside knowledge I met with Debbie. I put on my best charm and told her I want to be the face of OGL and 15 years later I am still doing exactly that, and I love it!

"After being in training I then moved to Software Account Management working with our current customers, helping them get the best from the system as well as encouraging them to invest in websites from OGL. You would often find me hanging around the fax machine on a Friday waiting for an order to come through to then run down the office with it.

"Then, during 2013, I moved into System Sales selling prof.ITplus to new customers and I'm now selling our new Profit4 system. This is still my current role which I really enjoy and I know it may sound cheesy but I genuinely love coming to work every day, working with my team to help companies grow and talk about the benefits of them working with OGL, the software we offer and how much we can help their business."

"One of the best things about working at OGL is the support we get from the teams we work with, both directly and throughout the business. It's never too much trouble if you need people's help and I wouldn't have been be able to get to 15 years so happily without all you guys and girls. I'm excited for the next 15!"

Claire Jones, Richard's manager, congratulates him on his 15 years at OGL:

"When Richard joined the Software family as a Training Consultant 15 years ago, I don't think he ever imagined how his career path would pan out; having joined us from a manufacturing background, he brought a wealth of valuable experience within a production environment which, when learning prof.ITplus, enabled him to quickly grasp the benefits of efficient processes and working smarter. Richard learnt the product very quickly and forged many long-standing relationships with customers from his training background and it was a natural progression for him to move into Account Management, particularly with his depth of understanding of the product and of course his natural charm and charisma! Richard was a very valued member of the Account Management team. When an opportunity came up to move into New Business System Sales he couldn't wait to make his mark in an established team and rose to the challenge with gusto, perseverance and a determination to succeed. I think he will admit it wasn't an easy journey and took time to personalise his sales approach and style, but he has not only made the role his own, he has owned it, with huge accomplishments and earning much respect along the way.

"Richard is someone who will always go above and beyond and not only looks out for the sales opportunities that affect him, but is willing to help, support, and nurture new talent within OGL; as anyone who attends the Profit4 release meetings will agree, he loves to share knowledge and is always open to answering questions and explaining areas of the system from the perspective of how a customer may use it as well as making everyone feel welcome to the company. This commitment means customers are bought into how their business can be transformed and Richard has become a trusted advisor at the heart of OGL for both customers and colleagues alike.

"Congratulations Richard and thank you for your 15 years of service, I know you can't wait to wear that long service badge with pride!"

Kevin Crowe also commented:

"Since 2013 when Richard joined me in the System Sales team, he has established himself as a real talent and excelled where many others have failed. His personality, enthusiasm, positivity, and work ethic make him a brilliant teammate, only tarnished by the fact that he supports Wolverhampton Wanderers. The effort Richard put into helping with the launch of the Profit4 Software Suite ensured last year was the best ever year for System Sales. The next 15 years should be very exciting."

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