Ryan Harrison reaches his 5-year milestone at OGL!

A huge congratulations to Ryan Harrison who has reached his 5-year Long Service milestone.

March 5, 2024

We caught up with Ryan to find out more about his time at OGL so far…

"I had heard of OGL whilst I was still an apprentice at my previous place of work, where I worked alongside Matt Bell. After he joined OGL he told me all about it. Once my apprenticeship finished Matt gave me a referral, where I had an interview with Iain Dimmock and Charlie Grant for a 1st Line role. After working on 1st Line for a while, I was given the opportunity to move up to our 2nd Line Bridge team. I did this role for a couple of years before being pulled into a meeting with Colin Stephens, where I was asked if I was interested in Profit4. I am now on 2nd Line Bridge for Profit4 where me and Jamie Wilson do our best to make our happy customers even happier.

My favourite aspect of working within OGL has to be some of the people I’ve had the joy of working alongside. People are always in good spirits no matter how busy it seems to get and everyone is always happy to help. I think my biggest achievement at OGL has been getting to the position I am in today, where I am (hopefully) a knowledgeable member of the team.

One of the funniest memories I have of OGL is when Matt Bell was on the phone to a customer, and decided to spill a sports direct mug worth of squash on his desk. I heard Matt knock his glass so thought I would be nice and got a single piece of tissue to clean this up. I went over to his desk to see his laptop FLOATING in a pool of squash. Matt being the hero he is, decides to carry on the call with the customer like nothing has happened. This lasted about 15 seconds until his laptop blew up.

Another funny memory was when I took my fire marshal role probably a bit too seriously. I heard the alarm go off and ran around every room downstairs with a fluorescent yellow rucksack around my chest, to get everyone out the building. I then went upstairs to find everyone working like nothing was happening. Emma Porter and Charlie Grant then explained to me that this was just the security alarm going off because the back door was left open. It was a bit embarrassing having to call everyone back in from the car park."

Ryan's manager, Mikayla Price commented: "Where have those 5 years gone?! I remember Ryan joining OGL when I was working on prof.ITplus User Support and I have watched Ryan develop and progress in his career from 1st Line Support, prof.ITplus 2nd Line Bridge and now Profit4 2nd Line Bridge.

Ryan has gone from strength to strength in every role he has worked in at OGL and working closely with Ryan as his manager within the Profit4 Support Team is an absolute honour.

Ryan always goes above and beyond for our Profit4 customers and supporting the rest of the team mentoring and coaching. Regardless of how challenging his day has been he will always say that he has had a fantastic day!!  Ryan's positivity and ‘can do’ attitude is infectious across the Support Team, and he will take on any challenge that comes his way and will never shy away from getting involved.

Ryan has been involved in some very challenging customer situations on support and the way he has dealt with these is incredible and Ryan should be so proud of his hard work and the dedication he has shown in his role.  As a result of this Ryan has built very strong relationships with our customers, to the point where he got invited to a family wedding last Christmas!!

I would like to thank Ryan for all his hard work and for always being happy to help at any given point. No matter how busy Ryan is he will always stop to help with a smile on his face, he is an absolute joy to work with.  

I look forward to many more years working with you at OGL Ryan and seeing how far you will progress in your career!!!

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