Accounts and Invoicing

Fully integrated finance module for comprehensive accounting

  • Fully integrated suite of finance functions
  • Structured, intuitive accounting processes
  • Extensive functionality to handle all financial processes
  • Eliminate the need for additional accounts software
  • Full visibility of financial position 

Increase the profitability of your business by ensuring optimum credit control and accounting processes.

Our fully integrated finance module includes sales, purchase and nominal ledgers as well as a host of other features making the finance side of your business run like clockwork.

prof.ITplus is clearly structured and intuitive making it easy for your finance staff to accurately control and manage your accounts. The extensive functionality means that all aspects of business accounting can be handled within prof.ITplus, eliminating the requirement for third party accounting packages which invariably create issues because they are not integrated.

prof.ITplus is built to enable good cash flow throughout the business and to ensure you can view real-time financial reports at any time. 

All your financials taken care of

Sales ledger

Comprehensive management of your sales with tailored reports available at any time. View money received, outstanding invoices, debtors, stopped accounts, sales history and credit control detail. Supports multiple bank accounts and currencies.


Quick, simple, accurate generation of invoices which are automatically posted to the sales ledger. Deposits, VAT, part-payments and returns handled with ease.

Purchase ledger

Accurate recording of company purchases and expenditure alongside their payment status. Drill-down options to view full purchase details. Automatically linked to purchase order module.

Nominal ledger

Complete management of your nominal ledger, including your balance sheet and profit and loss account. Detailed reports by cost centre and department all available from prof.ITplus.

Credit control

Automated chasing letters produced and automatic on-stop routines activated by prof.ITplus, according to your company protocols. On screen warning with option of order hold if overdue, over credit limit, or on stop. Credit control messages can appear in sales screens.

Early settlement discount

prof.ITplus is fully compliant with customer and supplier settlement discount rules including VAT requirements.

Automated BACS payments

Fully integrated BACS payment system.

Multi-currency handling

prof.ITplus ensures foreign currency accounts receive documents in the correct currency i.e. purchase orders, remittances, quotes, invoices, statements etc

Excellent drill-down capabilities

Very often, when dealing with finances, you’ll need to understand the detail behind transactions.

prof.ITplus has extensive drill-down options to facilitate this need to view source information and historic data and remove the need to search through a manual filing system. All the information is stored in one integrated system, meaning you’re only ever a few screens away from getting the data you need.

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