Dominic Keegan celebrates 10 years at OGL Software

10 Year Anniversary Header

A huge congratulations to Dominic Keegan who has reached his 10-year Long Service milestone.

We caught up with Dom to find out more about his time at OGL so far…

"OGL was my first proper job after leaving university. I had studied Information systems and had spent the summer applying for jobs and graduate schemes all over the Midlands. I originally applied for a role in the Linux team but received a phone call to say that the vacancy had been filled. A week later I received another call to invite me to an interview for a new opportunity in a different role that had just opened up. This was for Software Call Logger, what we now call 1st Line Software Support. I have been very lucky in my time at OGL to move around in different roles and departments and progress in my career. I have done several roles; 2nd Line User Support, Programming Support, WMS Consultant, and prof.ITplus Trainer. I have been in my current role in the Systems Sales team for just over 3 years and that has been the longest I have done the same thing at OGL so there has been plenty of variety. 

Over 10 years I would like to think I have been part of some great achievements. Some of the most rewarding of these were taking responsibility for the delivery of some of the big WMS implementation projects I was involved with when I was in Software Delivery. These were always high pressure, business critical operations and the go lives were rarely smooth however when you visit site months later and you see the benefits the customer is getting and the transformation that’s taken place you can’t help but feel proud that we did a great job. In my current role every new sale is a new challenge. I get a massive kick out of helping customers with moving their business on to the next level and providing them with great solutions but in also helping OGL and Profit4 to grow with new customers who will be with us for years to come. 

The best part about working here is the people. I’ve had some great laughs over the years and as anybody who knows me will testify none of these laughs will have involved any colourful language 😉.  As far as funny stories go I have probably the best first day introduction, one liner story ever. On my first day in support I was being shown around the department by my manager, Dan Black, who was explaining the wealth of knowledge and experience in the room. I was impressed by the 5 or 6 people he had mentioned who had worked here longer than I had been alive. At this moment Mick Hood was walking past the desk to go to lunch. “How long have you been here, Mick? He asked. Mick continued on his way past, replying  “About ‘alf seven!”.  I’m sure it’s not the answer Dan was looking for… "

Dom Keegan receiving gift

Dom's manager, Claire Jones commented:

“Wow! 10 years! Dom started the business on 1st Line Support and quickly became an integral member of the helpdesk team being a font of knowledge around all things stock related. This knowledge and interest helped him progress into a 3rd Line Bridge role and also helped support the sales demo’s for Warehouse Management, becoming a key advisor to customers (and Customer Success Managers) on all aspects of operationally running a stock and distribution business.  Dom’s ability really stood out and he quickly developed into a training consultants’ role, broadening his knowledge of prof.ITplus and delving further into the inner workings of the system and his ability to support customers implementations confidently and successfully.  I think one if his first visits was very much a baptism of fire and there were a few customers where the implementations were incredibly challenging, but he was always a trusted advisor even in the face of adversity and didn’t hesitate to question ‘why’ when a process was ‘just because we’ve always done it that way.’  I’m sure there are a few visits he would like to forget but he was, and still is, always a great support to me (and the wider management team) when we have been working on some large and complex sites. One of his outstanding implementations was NVC’s WMS solution; this was a phenomenal success, which in turn gave the company a super case study; Dominic’s ability to deliver on this project was second to none. 

Dom’s desire to work with customers face to face, stood him in good stead to pursue a career in sales; his excellent product knowledge coupled with commercial awareness and industry insight opened a new opportunity in the newly formed Profit4 Sales academy just at the beginning of Covid.  Given Dom’s ability to absorb new information, he was in a prime position to learn Profit4 and confidently pitch to a new audience and his career has gone from strength to strength since.  Some of his notable wins are Dri-Pak, which was a significant deal for OGL, and Dom, technically, was very capable of understanding the customers’ requirements and translating them through to the delivery and development team. More recently UPVC Direct/Principality was a large deal that did not phase Dom despite multiple moving parts, a confidential acquisition and a demanding sales process taking many months to secure and conclude.  Some of the smaller deals can be the most challenging and also rewarding, and Dom is continually learning how to manage these successfully and get the deserved outcome.  Dom is a great advocate for Profit4 and whilst he loves a heated debate on functionality, and marketing, and pricing (well anything really 😉), it’s his passion for the product and pushing it forward that’s at the heart of his eagerness for perfection. 

Dom is an incredibly valuable team member and has really found his feet in sales. I love working with him as do his colleagues and it’s exciting to see what the future and hopefully the next 10 years will bring."