12 reasons to invest in business software

Whether you're investing in a full ERP system or upgrading your out-dated current system, find out why you should invest in software for your business.
February 8, 2017
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At OGL, we understand that making any change to the way your business is run is a significant decision and one that companies are, quite rightly, very diligent about making. We have helped hundreds of UK companies to overcome their reservations and are delighted to watch those companies go from strength to strength with the help of OGL Software.

We have compiled the top 12 reasons that companies choose to invest in business software. Whether this is investing in a full ERP system for the first time or upgrading their out-dated current system, the reasons below compel companies to make a change in order to ultimately improve efficiencies and boost profits. Usually companies are motivated to invest because their growth is being restricted (reason 1), but often it's coupled with 3 or 4 of the other reasons.


Your business growth is restricted by inefficiency and manual processes


You have financial goals which you are struggling to meet


Your customer service could be improved


Your staff show dissatisfaction with current processes


You would like to expand your customer base but many have strict requirements for systematic processes, traceability and an audit trail (e.g the NHS)


You would like to expand your product portfolio but your staff can't handle the associated administration of new products


Dead stock is devaluing your business


You have a tendency to overstock meaning cash flow suffers and you are short of warehouse space


You would prefer to employ less people (whilst retaining your turnover)


You have an issue with too much IT downtime


The age of your IT equipment and / or your manual ways of working mean your business is exposed to loss of data, data corruption and the threat of cyber attacks


You have a need to ensure the saleability / future of the business (applies if retirement of key figures is likely)

If any of these issues strike a cord with you, it is very likely that implementing a  comprehensive and reliable business software package is what's needed to move your company forward.

Our Software Consultants offer completely free advice and would be more than happy to speak to you about your business and how improvements could be delivered using the business software.

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