How an ERP can help you to achieve your ISO 9001

ERP solutions can help you to achieve the ISO 9001 accreditations as it's designed to do the very things that ISO is checking and enforcing. Find out more.
August 29, 2019
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To be ISO 9001 certified means that an organisation has met the requirements in ISO 9001 which evaluates a business's Quality Management System (QMS). It assesses whether your QMS is effective in order to provide quality products and services. The certification also ensures companies are identifying and implementing actions to continually improve.

A QMS is a set of policies, processes and procedures for operating core business processes. The core business processes look at areas in the business that directly affect the business' customers and clients, such as production, stock management, order processing and customer service.

The connection between ISO 9001 and an ERP system

There are many benefits to being ISO 9001 certified that relates to improved efficiencies, productivity and boosting profits as the QMS ensures you look at your stock control procedures, warehouse management and customer service.

Many of those benefits you'd reap from being accredited is the very same benefits you'd see if you implemented an ERP system. ERP software is designed to connect all areas of the business to automate core business processes to improve efficiencies. Therefore, ERP solutions, such as OGL Software, can help you to achieve the ISO 9001 accreditations because it's designed to do the very things that ISO is checking and enforcing.

Implementing a business and stock management system gives you the benefits of automated and streamlined processes allowing you to easily achieve and comply to the ISO standards. Embracing technology and utilising the tools in an ERP software first will give you the foundations to, not only drive your business forward and boost profits, but to easily achieve your ISO 9001 accreditation that you can use to gain new business and advertise in your marketing.

Star Fasteners, a leading global specialist in the fastener industry, implemented OGL Software in 2008 and has used the ERP system to simplify their processes and connect all areas of their business. OGL provides us with our business software which manages all our daily transactions. This gives stock and orders full traceability and ensures that we meet our customers' expectations and comply to ISO 9001:2015 standards. It's a powerful business tool and brings together all our standard business transactions.”

The benefits of an ERP and ISO 9001 certification

Any wholesaler or distributor will benefit from an ERP, especially one with a fully integrated Warehouse Management System (WMS), not only because you can achieve and comply with the ISO 9001 certification easier, but also because of the various benefits you'll reap from connecting and automating all your business processes.

Here are our 5 top benefits from implementing an ERP solution:

Exceed customer expectations

Customer and suppliers' requirements are increasingly becoming more demanding, especially when trying to implement a multi-channel selling strategy. Ensuring you keep customer satisfaction levels high when you're selling from your office, at your trade counter, on online marketplaces and on your eCommerce store can quickly becoming overwhelming and have a harmful effect on your service quality.

An ERP will enable you to automate and streamline processes from automating purchase orders, picking lists and order uploads to ensure you always deliver quick and effective customer service, resulting in fewer complaints, returns and negative reviews. A software solution can also help to centralise your customer data and history, so all departments are referring to the same accurate information allowing you to answer queries efficiently.

Improve company quality

An ERP system can improve the quality of your customer service, warehouse, order processing and contact communication.  Tightening your stock and warehouse procedures and gaining control and visibility of your purchasing and sales activity will inevitably affect the quality of your company.

Improve productivity

ERP solutions aim to increase productivity in all departments. Firstly, it removes the manual time-consuming tasks that stop staff from focusing time on growing the business, software will automate admin tasks and help to streamline your core business processes.

Secondly, business software also gives departments the tools they need to do their job better, motivating individuals to maximise productivity. An ERP also gives managers the tools to report on performance allowing actionable feedback to be given to employees and teams to motivate them to deliver better results. Continually looking for, and implementing, improvements on business quality and customer satisfaction is a key element of passing the ISO 9001 certification.

Standardise procedures for improved internal communications

Standardising procedures and centralising key business information ensures all departments are working to the same goals and from the same accurate data. This allows every department the access they need to up-to-date information improving efficiencies in data storing, and accuracy in customer, stock and financial information.

Having an integrated WMS within your ERP can ensure your whole warehouse team are following the same stock handling, storing and picking processes. Using barcodes and scanners to manage your warehouse is a great way to simplify and automate stock takes and control methods so the business always has visibility of the stock you hold.

Improve efficiencies

All the above points ultimately lead to improved efficiencies but as the business utilises all the tools in an ERP solution and your daily processes improve, the business will become more consistent and achieve daily operational targets more regularly. Seeing results from efficiencies will deliver tangible benefits in all areas from customer service to order processing and stock management to allow you to grow your business, reduce overhead costs and increase profits.

Achieve your ISO 9001

And finally, an ERP system will make achieving your ISO 9001 credentials a lot easier as you'll already have your Quality Management Systems in place in the form of an ERP. Securing your ISO 9001 opens new business opportunities to help you win business to improve profits as well as better your marketing with a globally recognised certification.

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