How secure is your ERP system?

While ERP systems bring huge benefits to businesses, you'll want to ensure that the system you choose is secure. Learn more about ERP system security.
April 26, 2017
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When considering which ERP software solution to purchase, yes of course you want a comprehensive package that can handle all your key financial and operational tasks in one place. BUT with the growing threat to UK businesses from cyber-crime you should also be asking what levels of security can be provided to protect the highly valuable data that you will be storing within it.

Just stop for a second to consider the nature of the information you will be storing:

  • Customer details
  • Supplier details
  • Employee records
  • Financial details
  • Prospect details

If you were to fall victim to ransomware or one of your employees clicks on a phishing email giving cyber criminals access to your data bringing your business to a halt, would you be able to recover? Would you even know if you had someone illegally accessing your network and ERP applications?

The new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) which comes into effect in 2018 - the biggest shake up of data protection law for twenty years - states that you will be required to notify the information commissioner of a breach within 72 hours. If you have not taken steps to protect your data then you could face a significant fine.

By selecting prof.ITplus, a premier business software package for stockists, distributors and wholesalers, you get;

  • A proven ERP system that has been continually developed over the past four decades
  • To take advantage of OGL's specialist cyber security division, CyberGuard, who can make sure that your prof.ITplus application is protected
  • The support of our IT Solutions division to ensure your infrastructure is robust with maximum uptime, and you have leading-edge backup and recovery solutions in place should you need them.

OGL has been delivering best-in-class IT solutions and business software for over 40 years and our team of experts work closely together to ensure you get the complete package.

This combination of expertise and breadth of services is what makes OGL quite unique. Don't leave your software application wide open to a potentially disastrous security breach; talk to one of our software consultants today about how prof.ITplus can enable you to buy better and sell smarter, safe in the knowledge that you can also wrap it all up with the highest levels of security. Our prof.ITplus consultants would be happy to bring one of our cyber experts with them to meet you to discuss your ERP requirements and how best to protect your most valuable asset; your data.

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