Misplaced information and incorrect data are now a thing of the past!

Misplacing stored data can wreak havoc in a business, and sadly, very few have the time available to investigate errors and spring-clean the information.
March 21, 2018
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False or incorrectly stored data can wreak havoc in a business, and sadly, very few have the time available to investigate errors and spring-clean the information stored. This can result in disorganised administration and misinformed sales processes, certainly not something you want your business to be known for. In these cases, muddling along simply will not suffice, and a clear plan of action must be created to ensure future clarity and success.

I'm only a small business, surely the amount of information I store can't be causing too many issues?

In any distribution, wholesale or manufacturing business, there are members of the team who take it upon themselves to be responsible for the information you have stored, whether this be by manually checking, or monitoring all processes relating to document management and data storage are being followed. In a small business, this employee may be in charge of multiple things such as stock taking, sending invoices or even training the new apprentice. This leaves room for error, something that can have serious implications if your customer data is incorrect. To help combat any potential room for error in the business, you need a document management system to house all your customer data and communications. Not only will this take the pressure off if any information is needed urgently, it will also ensure that all your data is in one secure place.

How does having a software system in place help me?

Sadly, not all systems are created equal! Some systems fail to store customer data safely, securely, and clearly, resulting in your employees spending large amounts of time sifting through information. Having your data stored in multiple files across the system can be a hindrance to office staff, which in turn will slow down your sales team and therefore affect your business turnover.

Investing in a system may seem like a big leap for the sake of well organised data and effective document management, but the risk of not having an organisational grasp on the information you have stored and leaving your business exposed could have catastrophic effects on your financial success and reputation. Choosing a system that is proven to thrive in your industry, increase profits, and improve your employee productivity, all whilst helping you keep your stored information in check, could be one of the smartest decisions you make for your business in 2018.

prof.ITplus is perfectly suited to distributor, wholesale and manufacturing businesses across many sectors, and is paving the way for document and data management systems with 18 fully integrated modules, that enables all your data to be kept in one safe and secure location.

Find out how our prof.ITplus software can help your business by calling 01299 873 873 to speak to one of our prof.ITplus consultants.

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