New Commercial Invoice Layout

January 19, 2021
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New Commercial Invoice Layout and Export Detail Change Facility
Release 66 - January 2021

Following the Brexit Software Release (December 2020) further changes have been made to our Commercial Invoice, changes are detailed below.  

Please see examples based on the following sales order.

The Sales Order for an EU customer will be allocated and despatched in the usual way. If Carrier' is ticked in the Sales Order Parameters Alloc / Despatch screen, then once the despatch has been confirmed, the following screen will be displayed.

This screen allows entry of the Number of Packages' with a Package Description' i.e. Boxes, Crates, Pallets etc and a Consignment Note' number (if one is available).

When the sales order is despatched the following window will open.

Note the Packet / Parcel Dimensions window (on the right) opens when the Multi button is clicked on to allow multiple Parcel sizes to be entered.

This screen will contain the details for:

Name of the Ship or Flight Number carrying the goods - manually entered.

Port of Loading, where are goods being sent from - This can be entered using the notepad icon and entries will then be stored for selection again on future despatches.

Port of Discharge, where the goods will be unloaded - This can be entered using the notepad icon and entries will then be stored for selection again on future despatches.

Place of Delivery, where the goods will eventually be delivered - manually entered.

Country of Origin, this field can be left blank if the order contains multiple Countries of Origin. The Country of Origin Code can now also be picked up from the product details or traceable batch.
(If required, a list of countries can be entered using the notepad icon, the countries will then be held in the dropdown box for the user to choose).

Terms of Delivery, enter the Incoterms Code agreed on with the customer.
Refer to HMRC website for full list and definition. The Incoterms codes required can be entered via the notepad icon and entries will then be stored for selection again on future despatches.

Terms of Payment, are the International Payment Terms. Refer to HMRC website for the full list.  A list can be entered using the notepad icon and entries will then be stored for selection again on future despatches.  
Note - these are not the Payment Terms of the Customer.

Freight Forwarder, (newly introduced field) for name of Carrier. A list can be entered via the notepad icon and entries will then be stored for selection again on future despatches.

Reason for Export, (newly introduced field), typically used for Sale, Gift or Return. This can be entered using the notepad icon and entries will then be stored for selection again on future despatches.

Consignment Dimensions, this field will now allow entry of multiple dimensions, for multiple boxes, crates, pallets, etc.
Either type the word MULTI in the field or click on the Multi button. This will open the window displayed on the right of the example screenshot above.

Several sets of dimensions can now be entered if the Boxes, Crates, Pallets etc are of different sizes. Alternatively, if the boxes are of the same size, enter one set of dimensions and enter the number of boxes in the Qty column.

It is understandable that not all of this information is readily available at the time of despatch, therefore a new program Display Commercial Invoices' has been introduced to allow amendments or entry of missing data can be updated, after invoice calculation.

The delivery note must be printed before a commercial invoice can be printed.

Calculation of Sales Invoice and Printing / Reprinting the Commercial Invoice

The sales invoice is calculated and printed in the usual way.

In the Print Calculated Invoices screen the CommInv' button can be clicked to enter the following screen.

This screen can also be accessed from the Calculated Invoices menu by selection the option Print Commercial Invoices' (user permission is required to allow access).

Choose Report option and enter a Depot Code (if company is multi depot).
Confirm or change the Layout.  Three new Commercial Invoices Layouts have been introduced in Release 66, these layout numbers are:
*CI03A for Landscape version  
*CI04A for Portrait version
*CI04B for Landscape version with Statement on Origin.

Enter or confirm the Commercial Invoice Number (this will be the same as the Sales Invoice Number).

The Invoice Account Reference can be entered, but the Invoice Number is unique and only invoices in the range provided will be printed.

Sequence and Criteria fields are available if required.

There are 2 lines of 50 characters that can be populated to print a message on the invoice, depending on the layout selected.  
(Note - this message will remain when returning to this screen until manually cleared).
Enter the Customer Output Type (if these have been setup in Customer Documents). If the Customer Output is unknown, select All Customers.
Enter the required Output Device i.e. Printer, Email, Screen etc.

In the Criteria Section (right hand side of the screen) is a Reprint Option. Use this reprint tickbox if a Commercial Invoice has been printed and a second copy is required, or the document needs to be reprinted.

Display Commercial Invoices

A new menu option is now available via the Calculated Invoices' for Display Commercial Invoices'.
(Permission will need to be set by a System Administrator).

Use the Lookup option and enter Invoice Number of Commercial Invoice to be amended.

The Next and Previous buttons will display the Next or Previous Invoice.

User will open a window showing the Invoice Details, such as date and time that the invoice was calculated, the user that ran the calculation, the period number the invoice was posted into and the period ending date. The details also show the sales ledger batch number and the transaction number within the batch.

The Invoice button opens the Display Invoice screen, displaying the chosen invoice and presenting options to open the Sales Order screen for Event Details or to print the Sales Invoice.

The Report button will allow the displayed Commercial Invoice to be printed.

The Value button will show the exchange rate used for the displayed invoice, both sterling and currency values, with and without carriage plus profit margins.

The Change option opens the same Commercial Invoice Detail screen that is displayed at despatch, allowing any of the fields to be changed or entered if the detail was not known at despatch.

In this example, Poole has been changed to Dover and Port of Lyon has been changed to Le Havre.

The ExpDet button shows the same detail as the Change option, but only as a Display Option. Some users may not have permission to the Change Details screen but may want the ability to view the Export Details.

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