Printing and Displaying Commercial Invoices

January 19, 2021
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Setting User Permissions for Printing and Displaying Commercial Invoices

This document provides a walkthrough of the steps required to allow users to print or display Commercial Invoices.

With release 65 of prof.ITplus, you may have already configured permissions to allow users to Print Commercial Invoices.

Following release 66, we have introduced the Display Commercial Invoices program. As a result of the shift in the menu order to accommodate this new program, permissions may need to be reconfigured to allow access to Print Commercial Invoices again.

Note: The Admin Menu can be accessed by clicking on the cog' icon at the top of the window, as seen in the image below. Only prof.ITplus admin users can access the Admin Menu and configure permissions.

Step 1

Click the Admin Menu icon and select the option 3. Set Up Permissions'

Step 2

Once the Permissions Maintenance screen appears, ensure the correct user or permissions group is selected. The list of permissions will then update to show permissions applicable to that selection.

Navigating the Permissions Maintenance screen is like navigating prof.ITplus when using the Standard menu layout.

Menu options are shown on the left and can be double-clicked to expand into that option.

To the right of each option you will see the current permission that applies when the user or group member navigates to that area of prof.ITplus.

When you click on the coloured box it will toggle between different permission settings.

The box appears green when permission is explicitly set for the selected user or group.

Red indicates that the user or group has been denied access.

Yellow shows when the permission is inherited. This will also show where the permission is inherited from. In the example below, access to Test company' is allowed by default and was not set uniquely for this user.

Step 3

Double-click on the company in the list that you are looking to change permissions within. From here, double-click to navigate through Invoicing and Pricing and then Calculated Invoices:

Within the permissions menu for Calculated Invoices you will see option 7 for Display Commercial Invoices and option 8 for Print Commercial Invoices. If this permission is denied, click within the coloured area next to each of the program names.

The result should be that permission has been allowed for these new programs. Double-click on the program names to see the individual permissions set for each of the program's buttons. If each of these are denied you will need to change them. When setting permission for all items in a list, you can click the relevant Set All To' button.

You can then click Exit to come out of the permissions maintenance screen.

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