How sales analysis affects time management

A multitude of factors can affect your sales figures. Find out how sales analysis affects time management in your business with our guide.
September 4, 2017
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We know that every manager in the country will have, at some point, spent time pondering the business' profit margin.  A multitude of factors can affect your sales figures, leaving you with only a vague guess as to what might be really happening.

Gaining an increased awareness of where your sale opportunities are coming from may sound like a simple task that can be carried out easily by your employees in the back office, but there are many other aspects that will be influencing your output.

One of the most influential of all could be the amount of time your employees spend on certain areas. Mike' could be one of your top members of staff in terms of the number of sales he manages to successfully push through, but is he spending too much time selling items that have very little profit margin, or chasing customers who are unlikely to reorder?

In terms of productivity, it may not just be Mike' who is letting the figures slide, seasonal fluctuations in the sales of certain products could be being overlooked, leaving the sales team blind, pushing items that are historically going to sell well regardless of the extra promotion, or are unpopular in that particular quarter.

Provide your employees with the tools to see how they are spending their time and where they achieve the best results, and they are sure to put their efforts to much greater use. Having access to the right information about what, why and how your customers are buying from you will help your employees to understand why your potential customers might be currently going elsewhere, motivating them to create more innovative ways of selling and marketing your products.

Many of our own customers ask us how they can uncover this sales potential from their data and make it more readily available, in real-time, to their frontline sales and management teams. SalesVision, from OGL Computer, is a web-based sales intelligence tool which pulls information from our ERP software, prof.ITplus, and delivers it directly to your staff anytime, anywhere, using an internet-connected device. SalesVision is one of 18 fully-integrated modules within prof.ITplus, that work together seamlessly to provide you with all the information you need to up sell, cross sell and most importantly, sell more! Readily available sales analysis like this is invaluable to businesses and will enable employee performance monitoring, staff motivation, targeted marketing, effective sales promotions and staff training.

How SalesVision can help your team:

  • Improves performance management and increases accountability
  • Boosts business retention through proactive analysis of current customers
  • Automatically notifies you when changes in your business occur
  • Keeps your sales and management teams informed even when out of the office
  • Understand customer buying trends and improve customer retention
  • Reduces back office administration as sales teams are empowered to update records remotely

Find out how SalesVision and prof.ITplus software could impact your business by calling 01299 873 873 to speak to one of our prof.ITplus consultants.

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