Staff absence during the holidays causing disruption?

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system can maintain order in your business even when you are short staffed.
August 14, 2018
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Staff absence, especially during the summer months, can cause significant disruption to your business. More often than not, individual employees maintain control over particular clients and all the associated files are stored on the individual's device. This works well most of the year until they are absent from the company for holiday or sickness and the documents or emails you need are impossible to find, sound familiar?

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system can maintain order in your business even when you are short staffed. A centralised document storage system allows you to store all customer communications in one place, from contact details to email enquiries. This means all files can be accessed, not only by relevant staff members but also from any device in the office or remote location.

The holiday season often means fellow colleagues are picking up the position of absent staff members and dealing with their clients whilst they are away. Without a CRM this can cause unnecessary stress for both customer and staff member. Client communications become a mystery to employees who need access, which puts pressure on staff members that don't have the tools they need to deliver high quality customer service. Clients become dissatisfied with slow, unhelpful responses and can lose faith in the company's ability to handle their requests. Not to mention, holidaying employees returning to an inbox full of unhappy clients and information requests.

These obstacles are easily avoided with a CRM which enables you to seamlessly record every interaction with every customer. prof.ITplus enables you to attach emails, quotes, images and any other file you'd need to keep your customer records up-to-date. With one system, accessible by multiple employees, you are never left in the dark with a client's query and you can always deliver great, personal customer service. OGL's CRM module integrates with Outlook and other Microsoft Office products to deliver a comprehensive solution including the ability to share calendars and to-do lists, giving greater visibility of ongoing tasks. You can also use the power of CRM to send targeted mailshots to customers and prospects which can also be linked back to the individual contact records enabling your staff to conduct follow up discussions armed with the complete knowledge of all communications sent to the customer.

Our CRM system is just one part of prof.ITplus, our fully integrated ERP suite designed specifically to meet the needs of stockists, distributors and wholesalers across many sectors. Offering a total of 18 fully integrated modules, prof.ITplus enables you to organise, secure and maintain control over your critical business processes.

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