Tips on migrating to a new ERP solution

If you're choosing a new ERP solution, you'll need to ensure a smooth migration from your existing system. Learn more with our ERP migration guide.
May 9, 2017
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There are so many factors to consider when choosing the right ERP solution for your business. Of course the first thing that you want is a system that will manage all your key processes and simply do the job well. It needs to have all the right features and functionality to improve your business efficiency and help your staff work more effectively.

But once you have shortlisted potential products, you then need to ensure that the supplier will be a good partner for you. Firstly do they have experience and knowledge of your industry or type of business? Prof.ITplus from OGL Computer has been developed over the past 40 years and is designed specifically for stockists, distributors, wholesalers, merchants and light manufacturing businesses (basically anyone who holds stock of items for resale or re-assembly and sale).

There are many off-the-shelf packages available but you often don't get any help or support in setting up the system which can put enormous pressure on your internal teams. There are also a lot of resellers who sell other company's software solutions and offer support with setup and configuration but as it's not their own product then they are often limited in what they can do to help you ensure the product delivers everything you need.

Finally there are ERP solution providers, like OGL Computer, who author and sell their own software. So they know the product inside and out as they have developed the solution over many years based on customer feedback and changing market needs.

When choosing your ERP partner you want a company who will handle the entire migration process from your current system, whether you are using manual spreadsheets or you have a series of independent systems in place. The data you hold within your current systems (customers, suppliers, financials, employee records, stock codes etc.) is vital to running your business so you need to be sure that when you make the move there is the minimum disruption to your business. We recommend you research the level of support you will get both prior to and after you purchase your new ERP solution to ensure the process will run as smoothly as possibly.

At OGL, we have teams of specialists who make up our overall software delivery and support team. We use proven methodologies that we have developed over the years through our extensive experience of working with customers to move from a wide range of systems over to prof.ITplus. Our staff, some of whom have been working with our prof.ITplus customers for over 30 years, are extremely knowledgeable and have faced almost any scenario you can think of.

Every prof.ITplus customer benefits from:

  • Dedicated project manager who will work alongside you throughout the process, from initial planning to go-live. A single point of contact should you have any questions.
  • Team training for your staff, either at your premises or at OGL's own dedicated training centre. You will even use copies of your own live data so your staff can see the system working in a familiar environment.
  • Proven data transfer methodology undertaken by experts. Our team has successfully extracted data from many different legacy systems and moved it across to prof.ITplus so you are in safe hands.
  • Access to our team of support staff who can help you with any queries you may have once you are using prof.ITplus
  • Quarterly visits from your Account Manager who will help you get the most out of prof.ITplus and ensure it continues to meet the needs of your business as it grows

At OGL, we offer the full package; a comprehensive ERP solution with all the support and guidance you will need as standard.

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