Profit or loss? Do you have full visibility of your business data?

Having complete visibility of your sales, stock and revenue data can be a dream for distributors. Learn more about improving your business data visibility.
April 12, 2018
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Having complete visibility of your information in terms of sales, stock and revenue data can be a far-off dream for some distribution businesses. If your stock count involves wandering around the warehouse, there is almost certainly a better way to do things - based on fact, historical data and seasonal trends. If your warehouse has stock idly sitting on shelves or you often find yourself placing urgent orders to replenish your fastest-moving items, you need to take control before serious problems occur that could tarnish your reputation.

Furthermore, your sales team need the most up-to-date information available at their fingertips when out of the office, which can be impossible when using a paper-based or separate system that is only accessible from a single location. Providing a value-added service can become difficult when working remotely, as staff members can feel frustrated at the inability to access vital data needed to close a sale. In this information age, stumbling along with out-of-date or insufficient information on your vital processes will no longer suffice.

Having easy access to information such as sales analysis, stock turnover and company reports promotes better cash flow, helps you provide better customer service and will help you run a more efficient, profitable business. OGL's fully integrated business software, prof.ITplus, has 18 fully integrated modules that can revolutionise your business, and is proven to enhance the efficiency, visibility and profitability of stockist and distribution businesses thanks to the innovative sales analysis, remote ordering and warehouse management modules. prof.ITplus can not only give you access to automated sales reports, customer buying trends and KPI's whilst out visiting prospects, but you can also have instant access to company reports to help you effectively plan, strategise and manage your business while working remotely. prof.ITplus also supports a perpetual stock taking system, which helps you take control and achieve a leaner operation, eliminating time consuming tasks and further increasing the efficiency of your business.

Find out how our prof.ITplus software can help your business by calling 01299 873 873 to speak to one of our prof.ITplus consultants.

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