Catering Equipment Software

Boost your sales capability and achieve a lean distribution process

  • Used extensively across the catering equipment, disposables and supplies industry

  • Fully integrated stock management and sales processes

  • Contact details, enquiries, transactions and images all in one place

  • Opportunity to cross-sell, up-sell and suggest related products 

  • Effective purchasing and inventory management  

We have many customers within the Catering Disposables, Supplies and Equipment industry who are already benefitting from prof.ITplus. Our catering equipment software improves the visibility and clarity of transactions and gives businesses complete control over their core processes. 

With added insight into customer activity, prof.ITplus helps you to up-sell to both new and existing customers, by enabling you to profile customers and market your product effectively. This, in turn, will help your business to diversify and break into new niches. prof.ITplus has the ability to automatically generate shopping lists to meet demands and replenish stock, to then be approved for purchase. 

Not only does prof.ITplus manage everything to do with your products from stock management and purchasing through to inventory management, but you can also store all key documents, images and email communication relating to a product and/or a customer in one central location giving complete visibility. In addition, prof.ITplus has a company reporting tool that can help you effectively plan, strategise and manage your company, leading to increased business growth. 

Our catering equipment and supplies customers also find the facility to import supplier price lists and datasheets invaluable in saving time and ensuring rapid responses to supplier prices changes. 

prof.ITplus fully integrates with your existing website and selling channels, enabling you to sell on platforms such as Amazon and eBay in a way that is seamlessly integrated with the rest of your system. Not only does this instantly increase your potential market reach and opportunity to grow sales and profit, but prof.ITplus does so with the minimum amount of extra processes.

Benefits of Catering Equipment Software

Our ERP system - prof.ITplus - can help you: 

  • Increase turnover 
  • Speed up internal processes 
  • Manage high volumes of stock 
  • Drive your business to the next level 
  • Boost your profitability 
  • Remove costly human error 
  • Support business growth 

prof.ITplus is used by many members of the following catering equipment, disposables and supplies buying groups and associations: 

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