Company Reporting

Meaningful real-time company-wide reporting

  • Access data in real-time to provide live results
  • Customise the parameters to provide reports which suit your business needs
  • Instantly identify business areas which you could improve
  • Increase your sales by identifying growth areas
  • Improve customer relations by monitoring service metrics

Effectively plan, strategise and manage your company

Many companies struggle to generate meaningful reports. Some companies have to pay for reports to be written by consultants or dedicate staff members to the sole purpose of creating reports manually using spreadsheets. As well as the issue of inaccuracy and human error, the length of time to compile and analyse the data, means very often the report is out of date by the time it is presented to management.

If you have no way of generating meaningful and accurate company-wide reports it is very likely to pose you serious issues; how do you develop your business strategy without having reliable company performance data at your disposal?

Report on virtually any area of your business

prof.ITplus can generate all kinds of standard company-wide reports, as well as bespoke reports for your business.

Imagine the power and control of having instant access to:

  • Live sales performance dashboard
  • Delivery performance (on-time in-full analysis (OTIF))
  • Employee activity
  • CRM activity
  • KPI reporting
  • Aged debt
  • Stock shortage
  • Purchasing spend analysis
  • Stock turn analysis
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