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Secure new business & build great customer relationships with OGL Software

Manage your customer, prospect and supplier data from the OGL Software CRM to get full control and visibility of your sales opportunities and customer relationships. Secure new business easier, enhance your marketing with targeted campaigns and deliver a personalised experience to build loyalty and brand awareness.  

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    Profile & segment data for targeted marketing
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    Manage tasks & sales opportunities with ease
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    Full visibility of your customers’ history
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    Centralised database to improve internal communications
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    Take full control of your sales activity

Fully integrated CRM

The CRM sits at the heart of OGL Software's ERP solutions. All customer, prospect and supplier data is fed into the fully integrated CRM giving teams across the business improved accuracy, real-time data and full visibility of a customers' profile and journey.

The OGL Software CRM will help to enhance your marketing efforts, enabling you to segment and profile prospects so you can communicate according to their preferences.

Keep track of your sales opportunities and increase productivity with easy to manage task lists and reminders that will help secure the deal.

The CRM also helps to offer personalised customer service, with access to contacts full order history, account details and special pricing so you can build long-lasting relationships.

Transform your business with digital tools that help you grow.


Core features of OGL Software's integrated CRM

Enhance marketing efforts

Profile and segment customers based on activity, sales status or any customisable attributes so you can create targeted, effective marketing campaigns to generate more leads for your sales team.

Secure new business

Improve conversion rates and win more deals with a CRM system that ensures you never miss an opportunity. Auto-create tasks that remind sales reps to follow up interactions to increase sales revenue.

Improve customer retention

Win and keep customers with improved customer service across your business. The CRM ensures all departments have access to the same customer history ensuring no matter who your customers speak to, they’ll experience a personalised, quality interaction that helps to keep them happy and ensure they return.

Increase customer spend  

You’re missing out on potential opportunities if you’re not marketing to your customers. Profile customers based on previous orders or leakage data to create targeted marketing campaigns that will help you to up-sell, cross-sell and increase order value.

Manage employees & meet targets

The CRM will give managers and team leaders the data and reports they need to analyse employee, sales and company performance. Taking data from across all areas of the business using the software, the customisable dashboards and reports will highlight who is and isn’t hitting targets and KPI’s so you can act fast to make improvements.


Discover the power of the OGL Software CRM

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“The CRM module has a built-in email function that allows us to segment and send e-shots to over 160,000 of our named contacts about safety launches, product launches and promotions. This has been fundamental for maximising customer spend.”

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