Customer Relationship Management(CRM)

Your customer & prospect interactions in one fully integrated CRM 

Manage your customer and prospect data and interactions from one central system. Improve your marketing efforts to your prospects with targeted product messaging whilst delivering top quality customer service with full visibility of your customers’ history.  

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    Full visibility of your customers’ order history
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    Incoming and outgoing emails auto-linked to CRM records
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    Create targeted / segmented marketing campaigns
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    Schedule reminders to follow-up interactions
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    All contact interactions & quotes in one place

Target the right prospects and build great customer relationships with our integrated CRM

Benefits of the prof.ITplus Customer Relationship Management System

For your existing customers…

Delivering quality customer service and building long lasting customer relationships is simple with the right tools. The prof.ITplus CRM module enables you to manage all your customer, prospect and supplier data in one central system, ensuring everyone has access to the most up-to-date contact information.  

Every department who will be in contact with your customers, from your support team to your sales experts and accounts department, will have full visibility of the customers’ history so they can provide a personalised and stress-free service. Plus, the prof.ITplus email integration feature means that all incoming and outgoing emails are automatically assigned to customer records.  

The system also gives you the ability to boost sales revenue with your existing customer as the CRM highlights leakage, cross-selling / up-selling opportunities to increase order value. 

Building long-lasting relationships with your customers is easier with prof.ITplus and it will give you the advantage over your competitors.

For your prospects…

Generating new business and identifying sales opportunities is made easy with prof.ITplus. The intelligent CRM gives you the ability to profile contacts against your existing customers to identify likely purchasers, create relevant promotional offers and segment your data so you can offer your prospects effective marketing campaigns that win sales. Targeted marketing communications boost your chances of securing sales, and the prof.ITplus CRM does the ground work for you. 

“The CRM module has a built-in email function that allows us to segment and send e-shots to over 160,000 of our named contacts about safety news, product launches and promotions. This has been fundamental for maximising customer spend.” 

System Hygiene

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