Protect your ERP data from cyber crime       

OGL Software’s sister company, CyberGuard Technologies, provides the very best in managed cyber security services. Let our team of experts protect your critical ERP data so you can continue with the daily running of your business.

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Managed cyber security services, delivered by experts

The impact of a cyber attack on a business can be severe. The unwanted cost and downtime can be detrimental to a business's performance and survival, which is why taking a proactive approach to cyber security is the only way to future-proof your company and protect the valuable data that sits on your ERP system.

Our customers’ success is paramount to us and you can benefit from a complete package of cyber security solutions and technology services through our three specialist divisions to ensure optimal success.

CyberGuard Services

The team at CyberGuard work closely with our software developers, delivery teams and account managers to ensure they are aware of the latest cyber security threats that could impact our customers. For those customers who want to strengthen their cyber security provision around their ERP system, CyberGuard can carry out a thorough assessment of your internal working processes and culture in order to highlight key vulnerabilities and ensure your organisation adheres to a proactive outlook to cyber security.

By partnering with CyberGuard, you’ll have regular access to our cyber security experts. Our Cyber Consultants have had rigorous training and earned numerous cyber security accreditations to be able to spot emerging threats and understand just how to act in the event of a cyber attack. If you’re concerned with anything, we’re only a phone call away and if we spot anything suspicious, then we’ll be sure to let you know.

Your Trusted Technology Partner

Talk to one of our experts to understand the software and IT infrastructure solutions that are right for you.  

“Trust is an important factor when choosing any supplier. From experience, we know that if a problem is encountered then we can rely on CyberGuard. What more could we ask for!”

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