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Businesses are moving faster than ever, and with the technological age in full swing, people want access to information and quotes not just within the hour, but instantaneously. This can be somewhat of an issue if documents are misplaced or saved in an employee’s password protected area. Other issues such as staff absence can leave you without access to vital information when you need it most, causing customers to become dissatisfied with the speed and level of service provided. After all, with the level of information readily available at the touch of a button, shouldn’t it be easy for you to find something as simple as an order form?

Employees unintentionally hiding away important documents can cause havoc if left unchecked. Various departments within a business can have different document management requirements, which can be somewhat confusing to newer members of staff. Providing easy access to information can help meet the varying operational needs within a company.

Centralised document management can help to remove these obstacles, giving you full visibility of past communications and related records. This can help with both organisation, traceability, and the security of your documents, saving you time and money.  

prof.ITplus manages all your documents in one system, enabling you to attach emails, certificates, cost sheets, quotes, images and other files to your customer records. These documents can be anything from invoices to purchase orders, customer comments to statements. Helping you keep on top of your communications, all in one place!

The benefits of centralised document management:

  • Attach various documents to customer accounts safely and securely
  • Increase data security
  • Minimise the risk of misplaced information
  • Time and cost efficiency
  • Increase organisation
  • Simple, accessible file sharing
  • Improve version control
  • Facilitate collaboration between staff

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