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Modernise your finance department   

To sell smarter you need to buy better and OGL Software provides your teams with the data-driven insights that inform smarter decisions for a more profitable future.   

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    Achieve complete visibility
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    Be proactive
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    Improve cashflow
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    Make smarter decisions
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    Automate manual processes

Centralise your processes for better results

Built with wholesalers and distributors in mind, OGL Software connects all areas of your business so your finance processes can run like clockwork.

Give your finance and purchasing team the power to predict future outcomes so you stay ahead of the competition. Outdated technology and manual paper-based processes make it hard for your team to perform, and basic accounting tasks become a full-time job. OGL Software provides the right business solution to modernise your processes for a more profitable future.

Improve Cashflow

Feeding the finance and purchasing department with data from sales, your warehouse and all sales channels gives them the real-time insights to make smarter decisions. Avoid over-stocking your warehouse with unpopular products, reduce the risk of under-stocking, and prevent sales from placing an order with an on-stop customer in OGL's Stock Management Software.

Data-driven purchasing decisions

No longer will your stock purchases be based on gut instincts. Use historic sales data to map your seasonal trends and buying habits that enable you to make accurate and smarter purchasing decisions. Automate your purchasing decisions by setting minimum and maximum levels that automate purchasing based on your optimum levels for improved cash flow.

Automate Financial Processes

Remove the time-consuming admin tasks that tie up your finance department and let OGL Software handle the core business processes. Close accounts, reconcile data and invoice customers quicker and easier with integrated accounts software that reduces the risk of errors and improves cash flow. With role-based workspaces, you teams can stay focused on the task at hand and view the data-driven insights they need to drive the business forward.

ICAEW Accredited Software

Profit4 is an ICAEW accredited software solution (Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales)

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"Just thinking about how I used to do the invoicing before Profit4; I’d have to take a pile of paper, look them up individually on Xero, mark each job complete, raise an invoice etc. In Profit4, it’s a simple tick box and I can send them all, it’s amazing."

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