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It's that time of the year again... stocktake

A company's annual stocktake usually takes place at the end of the year and it brings with it some unwanted stress and headaches! Not only are you looking to potentially shut down your store for a day or two but you're also trying to recover from the busy sales period, Christmas. 

Don’t let your stocktake or the busy Christmas period take over your warehouse. Your stock will be moving faster than ever with the convenience of buying online and multi-channel selling, so you need to keep on top of your products and warehouse for optimum success.

Whether you perform a manual stocktake once a year or automate the process with a stock management system, there are small tricks that can help you to remove the stress and improve efficiency. 

Download our free Stocktake Checklist that includes tips from our customers that will help you keep on top of your stock. 

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