Guide: How effective stock management improves customer service

Find out how to improve your customer service in this guide

As wholesalers, merchants, and distributors, managing your stock effectively is crucial to the performance of your business. Manually checking stock levels in your warehouse when customers are waiting on the other end of the phone will award you with a reputation you don’t really deserve.

Taking control of your incoming and outgoing goods can become a cumbersome task, especially as you scale. However, the benefits of utilising technology to manage your inventory goes beyond taking away the admin involved in keeping track, it can save you money, improve your customer service and even increase sales opportunities.

Stock changes constantly. Everyday day, week and month inventory is being delivered, restocked, returned, purchased, and sold which affects your inventory levels. This effects the service you can provide your customers and can be the difference between retaining a loyal customer and losing the sale. With complete visibility on your stock levels you can be transparent to your customers and improve your communication. Honest conversations, and avoiding disappointment early in the buying process, encourages trust between you and your customer, helping to build a stronger relationship.

Detailed in this guide are six benefits of effective stock management on your customer service and ability to meet customer demand. Together they show the importance of accurate and tight stock.

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