Streamlining complex hose assembly processes 

Hydraulic and Pneumatic distributors can now easily create hose assembly component lists with the prof.ITplus Hose Assembly module. Maintain full visibility of sales orders, pricing, components and assemblies for optimum efficiency and hassle-free processing.  

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    Full traceability of components and assemblies
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    Full visibility of stock levels & sales prices
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    Seamless integration with WOP module
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    Auto-inclusion of associated costs
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    Test and material certifications sent to customers

Gain traceability and control of your hose assemblies

The prof.ITplus Hose Assembly module was created with Hydraulic and Pneumatic distributors in mind, creating a streamlined solution for managing hose assemblies.

The primary benefit of a fully integrated Hose Assembly system is the seamless connection between other areas in the business that makes sales order management simple. Fully integrated with Stock Management and Purchasing Management modules, the system automatically allocates available components, as well as including associated costs for linked items, such as ferrules and swaging charges and automated purchase ordering of any low stock items.

Retain version control and audit trails when adjusting component specifications for one-off builds with variable bill of materials. Plus, easily send customers test & materials certifications and data sheets so you keep on top of the legalities of your business processes without the extra admin.

See a demo of the prof.ITplus Hose Assembly module

Speak to one of our software experts about how you can streamline your hose assembly processes with prof.ITplus.

"We wanted to have in place a system which will propel us to the next level of business, and I can already see the benefits that the system will bring.” 


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