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    Measure success against targets
  • How sales & marketing can use Profit4 ERP software icon#2
    Automated upsells & cross-sells
  • How sales & marketing can use Profit4 ERP software icon#3
    Convert more quotes
  • How sales & marketing can use Profit4 ERP software icon#4
    In-built CRM & email
  • How sales & marketing can use Profit4 ERP software icon#5
    Access from any location

One system to manage everything

Profit4 integrates all your sales channels and records every sale you make.

Integrate with your trade counter, website, Amazon and more!

Profit4 main dashboard screen on a laptop

Viewing customer information on a laptop

360-degree visibility of your customers & prospects

Easily manage sales opportunities

Profit4 enables you to easily view a customer or prospect's information, including their:

  • Contact information
  • Sales history
  • Your past communications
  • All communications, tasks & events
  • Open, closed & fulfilled quotes

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Drive more sales by segmenting customers & tailoring your marketing

Because Profit4 collects all customer data it allows you to accurately segment and create groups of customers to target with specific marketing and sales messages.

You can segment according to industry type, business size, products sold, and more!

Profit4 also has inbuilt email marketing functionality, so you can send your email marketing straight from the software. Keeping everything streamlined.

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Marketing segementing to send an email on Profit4
Profit4 automated upsell and cross-sell prompts

Increase order value with upsell & cross-sell prompts

It can be difficult for sales and marketing to have in-depth knowledge of the products they can upsell and cross-sell.

Profit4 makes this easy by providing automated upsell and cross-sell suggestions. So that when a member of your team is viewing a product or placing an order for a customer they will automatically see the relevant products displayed.

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Enjoy quick, customisable dashboards

Sales Rep Dashboard on a laptop

Convert more open quotes

Profit4 keeps a record of all open, closed and converted quotes. You can even create a dashboard showing your lost and won quote ratios.

To increase quote conversion you can create automated open quote follow-up reminders - which can be tailored to your customer or industry needs. This will ensure you're following up in a timely manner and you don't miss any opportunities. To maximise profitability, Profit4 will also let you prioritise quotes according to value.

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sales person converting a quote on their phone
Profit4 displaying sales against target

Measure & monitor performance against targets

Create customised, personal and team dashboards

Profit4 makes it easy to measure performance against targets. You can set a sales or profits target and measure your progress against it.

You can also record all calls, visits and quotes within a team or personal dashboard.

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Access Profit4 from any location

As a true Cloud solution, you can access Profit4 from any location via your internet browser.

So whether you're working from home, visiting a customer or at a trade show - you can still access the same customer, sales and product information you would when working in the office.

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sales person using Profit4 while at home


Last year we had a record year with our turnover up by 40%. We wouldn’t have been able to facilitate that growth without Profit4.

Anderson Electrical

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