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    Stay in complete control
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    360-degree visibility of your entire business
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    Make data-driven decisions
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    Increase profitability
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    Plan for the future

One system to manage everything

Profit4 connects all areas of your business, streamlines processes and ensures you can meet orders with the same efficiency as a larger business.

Profit4 main dashboard screen on a laptop

A system that scales with you
& is designed to be affordable for SMEs

Profit4 is intended to scale with your business. As your business grows so will the number of SKUs and the demand on your staff, Profit4 will support high volumes of SKUs and automate those manual tasks that usually require additional staff.

To ensure Profit4 is affordable for SMEs, you will only pay for the number of user licences you actually need.

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Increase your sales & revenue

Profit4 will enable you to increase the number of sales by:

  • Enabling you to sell through additional channels
  • Providing automated marketing prompts to enable upselling & cross-selling
  • Delivering better customer service and as a result, increased return custom
  • Ensuring your bestselling products are never out of stock
  • Quickly identifying slow-selling stock

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Sole trader viewing sales leakage reports in a profit4 dashboard on a laptop
new customer review displaying on a laptop

Deliver 5-star customer service every time

If you're a small team, it can often be hard to compete with larger businesses. Profit4 empowers you to deliver the very best customer service by:

  • Reducing stock-picking times significantly
  • Reducing the risk of human error
  • Ensuring you always have accurate stock information to hand
  • Equipping you with 100% visibility of a customer's information & order history
  • Providing real-time order status updates for orders
  • Automating order processing & reducing delivery time

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Track the status of all orders

Sales Order Status Dashboard on a laptop

Sell through more channels

Profit4 will seamlessly integrate with a number of sales channels, enabling you to find a wider audience and easily sell to more customers. These channels include:

  • A website
  • eCommerce marketplaces such as Amazon & eBay
  • Email (Profit4 includes in-built email marketing functionality)
  • Telephone
  • Trade Counter (including an integrated EPOS)

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Sole trader using Multi-channel erp software on a laptop
Sole trader viewing a drop in sales on the Profit4 dashboard

Use data to improve profit margins & quickly spot sales leakage

No technical expertise or clunky bolt-ons required

In just a few clicks, Profit4 enables you to view the profit margins for all products or drill down by product group or individual product.

By displaying your product and customer's sales data in graphs, you can also easily spot any unusual sales decreases (sales leakage), enabling you to take action immediately.

And through its real-time profit and loss sheet you will also be able to quickly get a grasp on your true business performance without having to consult your accountant.

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A quick system with easy-to-use dashboards

Sales Leakage Dashboard on a laptop

More Profit4 features for SMEs & small teams

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Access Profit4 from any location

As a Cloud ERP system, all users can access Profit4 from any location via their internet browser, whether they're working from home or on the road.

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Make more informed decisions

With 100% visibility of your business, you can make more informed decisions.

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View nominal, sales & purchasing in one dashboard

Profit4 provides you with a real-time view of your business's financial performance, including the ability to view your nominal, sales & purchasing figures in one dashboard so you've got a full-picture view.

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100% visibility of a customer's information

With its in-built CRM Profit4 enables you to view: a customer's sales history, communications you've had with them, contact data and more!

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Customisable reports for each user

Profit4 empowers each user to create and customise their own reports, ensuring they have access to the data most relevant to them in just a few clicks.



Last year we had a record year with our turnover up by 40%. We wouldn’t have been able to facilitate that growth without Profit4.

Anderson Electrical

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