An ERP built with Merchants in mind

Our intuitive OGL Trade Counter Software integrates with your core Profit4 ERP solution.

A fully connected EPOS system means you’re working from the same stock and customer data as all other departments. This means you can deliver excellent customer service, with access to customers’ history, and confidently place orders.

Trade Counter erp software

  • How your trade counter can use Profit4 icon#1
    Increase order value
  • How your trade counter can use Profit4 icon#2
    Enhance customer service
  • How your trade counter can use Profit4 icon#3
    Empower employees
  • How your trade counter can use Profit4 icon#4
    Secure more deals
  • How your trade counter can use Profit4 icon#5
    Increase order processing speed

Feature-rich to simplify those labour-intensive tasks

Built with merchants in mind, the interface is simple to use and easy for new staff to pick up and hit the ground running. Remove the manual processes that are holding you back and arm your trade counter team with the digital tools to secure the sale and offer exceptional customer service.

trade counter dashboard screen

Secure the sale

Secure the sale

The trade counter team are armed with business data; from real-time stock levels to customers’ past orders and product data sheets, so the customer will be fully satisfied and confident to place the order.

Fulfil orders in-store with stocked items, place an order for delivery from the local warehouse or another depot or place backorders to win the deal.

Multi-channel experience

Multi-channel experience

Provide the customer with the same promotional deals, special customer pricing or stock availability that they’d experience on the phone or on your eCommerce website.

The integration with our Profit4 ERP software means your trade counter team are fully connected and in control.

Hit sales targets

Hit sales targets

The Trade Counter module has the digital tools to help the team exceed sales targets.

The software shows up-sell and cross-sell opportunities to help increase order value.

You can also set minimum sales prices and take advantage of the haggle feature to win the deal but not at a cost.

Personalised customer service

Deliver a personalised customer service

Exceed customer expectations with access to their full history including previous orders, special pricing, and key account information.

You’ll no longer need to use a disparate system or handwritten notes, orders are keyed onto the system for either existing trade customers or one-off public sales.

With access to your complete product catalogue, you can offer your entire services from your trade counter

Real-time sales data

Real-time sales performance data

Not only can your department managers view sales and stock data to improve performance but data from all sales channels can be effectively managed across the business.

The Senior Management team can make the right business decision and predictions, the purchasing team can keep on top of stock levels or the warehouse can better prepare and plan. 


The integrated approach has allowed us to run the three different aspects of our business; Trade Counter, Retail Showroom and eCommerce website through one system. OGL Software has been an excellent choice for our business and one that continues to develop and match our needs as we grow.

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