Improve customer satisfaction & maximise sales

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    Improved customer service
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    Faster order processing
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    Bespoke offers
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    Increased sales
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    Accurate availability

A dedicated interface for your trade counter

OGL Software connects your trade counter with the rest of your business to create a smooth and reliable service.

Profit4 trade counter software screen

Arm your staff with the info they need

Stock availability, pricing, profit margins, customer sales history...

Profit4 provides your trade counter team with accurate, up-to-date information on stock availability and pricing.

Therefore ensuring they provide the very best customer service and can quickly close a sale.

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staff information on a laptop
Profit4 custom pricing functionality

Maximise sales with bespoke offers & cross-sells

Profit4's Trade Counter software will help your team exceed their sales targets. 

When creating an order your trade counter team will see automatic up-sell and cross-sell prompts for products that might also be of interest to the customer. Therefore increasing your average order value.

You can also set minimum sales prices and take advantage of the haggle feature to win the deal with bespoke offers - but without damaging your profit margins.

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Provide a more personalised approach

A distinct advantage your trade counter has over other sales channels is that it allows you to build a relationship with your customers face-to-face.

Profit4 builds upon this advantage by providing key information on individual customers - including their full order history, special pricing and key account information.

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trade counter staff member securing a deal
Profit4 interface within trade counter

A quick, easy-to-use system

Built with merchants in mind, Profit4's interface is simple to use and easy for new staff to pick up and hit the ground running.

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Track your trade counter's performance

Directors and managers can use Profit4's reporting and analytics to keep track of trade counter orders and how its sales performance compares with other channels. 

With a fully integrated trade counter, your purchasing team can also keep on top of stock levels and the warehouse can better prepare and plan. 

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Wholesaler viewing Profit4 trade counter dashboard

Create customisable dashboards to quickly access key info

Profit4 trade counter dashboard

Take your customer service to the next level with Profit4's integrated Signature Pad add-on


The integrated approach has allowed us to run the three different aspects of our business; Trade Counter, Retail Showroom and eCommerce website through one system.

OGL Software has been an excellent choice for our business and one that continues to develop and match our needs as we grow.

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