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OGL Warehouse Software connects the heart of your operation with the rest of your business to create a smooth and reliable warehouse.

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  • How your warehouse team can use OGL Software icon#1
    Automate & scale
  • How your warehouse team can use OGL Software icon#2
    Optimise performance
  • How your warehouse team can use OGL Software icon#3
    True visibility & control
  • How your warehouse team can use OGL Software icon#4
    Stay competitive
  • How your warehouse team can use OGL Software icon#5
    Improve cashflow

Feature-rich to simplify those labour-intensive tasks

Don’t let a legacy system hold you back from achieving your full potential, your warehouse team need the right technology to take your business to the next level.  

Utilise space

Utilise space

Your warehouse space could become an expensive overhead if you lack visibility.

As you grow and expand you need a solid digital foundation that can handle all inbound and outbound stock movements.

Take the pressure off your warehouse team and create an easily manageable operation with barcode scanners and integrated stock control management software.

Perpetual stocktake

Perpetual stocktaking

Avoid long operational shutdowns with regular rolling stocktakes that help to manage your workforce’s time and ensure you stay in control of your stock.

Accurate data will feed your sales and order processing team with the information they need to operate effectively.

Hit sales targets

Increased picking efficiency

OGL Warehouse Management Software helps you to utilise your warehouse space efficiently. 

Bin layouts and storage positions can be calculated based on the most popular products. Your picking lists are then based on the quickest route for the fastest delivery.

clear data performance

Clear performance metrics

Your warehouse KPIs should be ambitious but achievable.

With OGL Software you and your team will be able to effectively measure success to strive for better efficiencies and drive growth.


I believe the OGL system has helped us grow and mature to the company we are today, from its small beginning in a shed in Bedworth to a brand-new 37,500 sq ft, purpose-built factory in Southam.

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