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    Optimised, faster picking
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    Streamlined operations
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    Improved customer satisfaction
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    Less training for new starters
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    Reduced storage costs

Your warehouse at its best

OGL Software connects the heart of your operation with the rest of your business to create a smooth and reliable warehouse.

Profit4 warehouse dashboard screen on a laptop

Optimised wave picking & automated shipping

Get orders out faster and increase staff efficiency

Profit4 enables you to print optimised picking notes - providing your staff with the exact bin number the stock is located in and the most efficient sequence in which to pick.

You can also save hours of work with our automated shipping, where Profit4 will automatically pull in weights, arrange delivery with the carrier and print out a shipping label.

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Picking Note displayed on a laptop
Profit4 stock management

No need for annual stock counts

Annual stock takes can be time-consuming and costly. Profit4 removes the need for annual stock takes with its perpetual stock control system.

View your exact stock levels in real-time, whenever you want.

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Grow your business with your existing workforce

Profit4 will automate manual tasks to save your warehouse team hours of work.

Picking notes, delivery notes, shipping labels, dispatch notifications... they can all be automatically generated.

It will also enable you to grow your business without having to hire additional warehouse staff to manage the increase in orders.

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Warehouse worker using Profit4 to maximise productivity
Manager training new warehouse staff member

Train up new warehouse staff faster

Training new warehouse staff so that they know to pick the right product from the right bin, can take time, especially if you've got a big warehouse or lots of stock.

Profit4's picking note will provide your picker with a product code (they don't need to know exactly what the product is) and the bin number, providing a foolproof system that only requires 30-minute - 1hr training. This is particularly beneficial if you have a high turnover of staff.

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Reduced storage costs

Profit4 provides optimised stock levels, telling you its recommended minimum or maximum stock levels for each product based on historical usage. This ensures you're using your warehouse space efficiently.

It's reporting and analytics will also quickly highlight bestsellers and stock that's fallen under the average usage. So you can act quickly, whether it's ordering new stock or reducing prices to clear dead stock.

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Optimised warehouse

Reduced human error, improved customer satisfaction

Profit4 picking note dashboard


Last year we had a record year with our turnover up by 40%. We wouldn’t have been able to facilitate that growth without Profit4.

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