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Easily manage a multi-channel sales strategy with Marketplace and eCommerce website integration that will grow your customer base and increase sales without the extra admin.

We’ll help you navigate the digital world

Consumers are demanding more from wholesalers and distributors and an online presence has become a necessity not just a ‘nice to have’. We understand the challenges of selling online and the management of both physical and digital sales channels which is why our eCommerce solution is fully integrated to reduce manual admin tasks.

Expand your routes to market and put your business on the digital map with eCommerce channels that boost sales revenue. Our Web Development Team create customisable eCommerce stores perfectly suited to wholesalers and distributors. OGL Software seamlessly integrates your website, Amazon and eBay channels for synchronised data flow that enables you to increase sales volumes without the increased admin.

The full integration enables automatic data synchronisation between the OGL Software ERP solution and your eCommerce channel so your customer details, pricing, product data and stock levels are up-to-date. You can be confident you're always delivering quality customer service, even online. 



Core features of OGL Software's eCommerce Solutions

Create a coherent shopping experience

Deliver a unified experience across all your channels by connecting digital, in-store and office sales in OGL Software. The integration gives you full control over your product information, stock levels, customer details and pricing so you’re confident your customers receive the same excellent customer service no matter the channel. Engage with customers across all platforms so they decide how and where they purchase from you.

Build loyalty and increase satisfaction

A seamless shopping experience will ensure customers return. Deliver excellent customer service and build loyalty with OGL Software, the solution that will put you ahead of the competition. Allow customers to buy online and pick up in-store or simply reorder a previous telephone order but online with a fully integrated experience.

Increase your digital presence

Create your ideal eCommerce site with our in-house Web Development Team. Full of features and functionality built with merchants, wholesalers, and distributors in mind, you can be sure you can meet customer demand. Offer a customer portal, present up-sell and cross-sell opportunities, push sale promotions and much more to create an engaging digital experience. Control your stock through OGL Software so you can update your marketplace channels and your website through one centralised system.

Real-time multi-channel insights

The beauty of a fully integrated commerce solution is the data you can extract. Gain the insights you need to make improvements and drive success for all shopping channels – online or in person.

Marketplace integration

Maximise your online presence and optimise your channel management by selling on eBay or Amazon. Appear in searches next to your competitors to ensure you have the same advantage as other suppliers. Plus, our marketplace integration makes selling on Amazon and eBay just as easy as your regular customer orders.


Future-proof your business with modern digital commerce solutions

Arrange a consultation with our software experts to understand how OGL Software can improve your business performance and optimise your operations.

“The eCommerce site accounts for 25% of sales and 30% of profits currently, but it’s more than just an eCommerce site, it gives us a shop window to the world and gets our brand noticed.”

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