Mail Integration

Share & record email customer correspondence

  • Directly assign CRM events/tasks from email correspondence
  • Share user access to email correspondence
  • Provide better customer service through rapid response to email
  • Increase the accuracy of managing email

A smart email integration tool for better customer communication

Our mail integration tool captures all incoming and outgoing emails and links them to the recipient’s CRM record in prof.ITplus. It means staff are all constantly in the loop and able to see all customer e-communication.

You’ll never have to rely on an individual diligently checking and replying to customer emails they receive into their inbox. If a customer email is unanswered, another member of the team can spot it and reply.

Anyone that is in the CRM screen can see what email communication there has been with a customer without having to access someone else’s mailbox, which would breach IT security guidelines. Mail Integration is all about enabling visibility of your customers and ensuring they feel important. Customers can get frustrated if they have to repeat themselves, this eliminates that problem.

Breakdowns in communication: a thing of the past!

We all know that what constitutes good customer service is very often wrapped up with providing good customer communication. Mail Integration enables good communication but is a relatively simple idea – copies of all emails to and from a customer are stored alongside the customer’s record in the CRM.

All emails are also backed up to the prof.ITplus server giving you added peace of mind.

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