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Martyn Price Fasteners have been in the business of distributing fasteners for over 40 years, and continually monitor company performance. They currently have ten employees using prof.ITplus at their offices in Stourbridge. They first joined OGL as a prof.IT customer (the previous version of prof.ITplus), and have seen many advances to their business since implementation. 

Number of Employees: 10

Partnered with OGL since: 2000

Company Location: Stourbridge

Company Website: www.martynprice.co.uk

Enhanced sales analysis helps Midlands business streamline processes

We spoke with the General Manager to find out how prof.ITplus has helped the business over the years.

How did you find out about prof.ITplus?

“We were originally talking to OGL for a number of years before our decision to fully digitalise the business in 2000. Kevin Crowe (OGL prof.ITplus consultant) had visited us a number of times and had further highlighted the benefits of a fully integrated ERP system. Previously we had a bespoke system but most of our processes were still manual so we were able to computerise the business thanks to OGL.”

Why did you choose prof.ITplus over other software systems available?

“We were visited by a few other IT companies, but the front end and sales modules of prof.ITplus really stood out for us. The system would allow us to be more proactive which was something we were aiming for. We had demonstrations from another provider, but in the end OGL was the right match for our business.”

How is prof.ITplus used and what is its primary purpose in your daily operation? What does it control?

“It has increased the visibility of our processes. We use a dashboard for current sales and quotations that tells us the information in real-time. SalesVision helps us track customer information instantly which is very helpful in terms of day to day sales. The information being instantly available has helped all our processes across the business.”

SalesVision is an optional web-based application unique to prof.ITplus that helps businesses understand customer buying trends and improve customer retention. It can be configured to display your company’s key performance indicators (KPIs) so your sales employees have continuous, real-time access to performance stats. Key customer information can also be viewed using SalesVision by your field-based team.

SalesVision can provide user-friendly reports to show your best / worst performers in terms of customers, sales staff, product ranges, business types and more. In addition, you’ll be able to accurately understand seasonal sales fluctuations and run promotions accordingly. The visibility of your sales performance provides you with the knowledge to make the best tactical and strategic decisions to drive sales upwards.

"We wanted to become more efficient and streamline our processes; this has been achieved using prof.ITplus."

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